Jacqueline Wong Confirms Dating New Boyfriend

Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) career has never fully recovered since she was exposed cheating with married man Andy Hui (許志安) in 2019.  Although her acting career was frozen by TVB for three years and her contract has finally ended, Jacqueline seems to be living well without financial stress. After breaking up with Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Jacqueline took her time to ease into another relationship with Rubberband drummer Lai Man Wang (泥鯭).

Couple Moves in Together

The pair bonded over a love of dogs, and was frequently photographed walking their pets together.  Although denying dating rumors in the past, a breakthrough happened in their relationship recently. Lai Man was seen moving into Jacqueline’s home, and they are enjoying a simple life of domesticity. As Jacqueline frequently stays home, Lai Man  where they would sometimes walk both dogs by himself.

While walking their dogs yesterday at the park, Lai Man noticed the paparazzi and instantly became very nervous. He was quick to protect Jacqueline by attempting to give the paparazzi a taste of their own medicine by recording them. On the other hand, Jacqueline remained calm and focused on playing with their dogs.

When reporters asked them how it felt to cohabit together, Lai Man pretended not to hear and only focused on Jacqueline. As they prepared to leave half an hour later, Jacqueline spoke with the press in a friendly tone. When she was asked if she has plans to get married, Jacqueline responded that she will focus on her career first but did not deny her relationship with Lai Man. She confirmed that her contract with TVB has ended, and plans to enjoy life as a free agent for now.

Although Jacqueline has disappeared from the entertainment industry for three years, she seems to be living life lavishly. She recently exchanged her luxury sports car for the newest Porsche SUV model. Her lifestyle may also be due to her savvy investments. Last year, she sold her Victoria Skye apartment for $10 million Hong Kong dollars and made over a million dollars in profit, even though it was 10 percent less than the current market rate.

When reporters reached out to ex-boyfriend Kenneth Ma for comments on Jacqueline’s new relationship, he hopes Jacqueline is happy and  wishes the couple the best.

In contrast to Jacqueline’s difficulty in making a comeback, Andy Hui has found better luck. With the help of an old colleague, he signed with Universal Music Hong Kong in March. Although his social media has been quiet, he allegedly has already secretly recorded several songs but there is no release date yet. It is rumored that he is still having a hard time summoning the strength to face the public.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I still don’t get how she chose Andy over Kenneth. Oh well, hope she moves on.

    1. Kenneth is reality.

      Andy is fantasy come true. She is a fan i heard? I am sure she never intended for the relationship to become publicly known.

      1. But Kenneth isn’t a bad reality. He was a diamond bachelor lol I guess I can’t compare since I never saw anything appealing in Andy.

  2. I mean, if cheaters can find other partners after their cheating scandals, why not her. She still needs to live her life

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