Jacqueline is Involved with RubberBand’s Drummer?

After Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and Andy Hui’s (許志安) affair came to light last April, the two artistes went on hiatus to calm the public’s anger. While Jacqueline waited for the scandal to die down, she fled to the United States only to return to Hong Kong eight months later. Although reports surfaced that Jacqueline wants to get back together with ex-boyfriend Kenneth Ma (馬國明), she may be entangled with RubberBand’s drummer Lai Man Wang(黎萬宏).

Recently, Jacqueline and Lai Man Wang were photographed shopping at a pet store. The pair were all smiles and looked like they were more than just friends.  Jacqueline paid for the purchases while Lai Man Wang  helped Jacqueline carried all the items. Throughout the shopping date, Jacqueline walked close to Lai Man Wang as they chatted away.

Jacqueline shared that she has adopted three puppies recently on her Instagram page.

Lai Man Wang’s Complicated Personal Life

At the height of Jacqueline-Andy scandal, she was rumored to have been involved with several men, including bringing a musician and a CRHK DJ back to her home. Although many male artistes denied their involvement with Jacqueline, many netizens are now suspecting that the musician is Lai Man Wang.

Jacqueline and Lai Man Wang met as early as 2016 as evident in an Instagram post. Back then, Jacqueline posted a group picture and joked about forming a band with members from RubberBand, C Allstar and Yellow.

In 2017, Lai Man Wang successfully proposed to his long-time girlfriend and the newly engaged couple was seen taking wedding pictures. Lai Man Wang had once shared that he was planning to marry his girlfriend in 2019, but their wedding was never confirmed.

In response to the growing speculation that Jacqueline had once again cheated with a married man, Lai Man Wang quickly clarified that he is now single. While it was true that he planned to marry to his girlfriend, their relationship did not work out and they have since separated.  Since he likes to maintain a low profile in regards to his personal life, he didn’t make any announcements earlier.

However, it is interesting to note that Lai Man Wang did not deny he is involved with Jacqueline in his statement.

Lai Man Fang is the drummer in the left.

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This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. dam………this girl has an itch for all males have she no shame!!! Wonder how many males she bedded in LA since she flew there to avoid the hatred from HK viewers

  2. she probably has a problem with commitment and staying w/ one man. some people are like that. she could be a sex maniac.

  3. she a pure garbage jesus people needs to pay less attention to her, let her rot in her own shame…

  4. Congrats JW.. so happy for you :):) wish you all the best.. you are not the only sinner .. hypocrites here should look at themselves in the mirror. Your only fault is that you got caught by the taxi driver .. heee

  5. Oh boy here we go again!!! Don’t know why she wants to damage her image maybe she’s hungry for money?

    1. @jingxi2943
      Of course Jacqueline Wong would love it. She can take advantage of Louis Koo’s image and status in the movie industry to get filming opportunities, re-establish herself in the entertainment world, and make lots of money for her to lead a luxurious life.

    2. @jingxi2943 why Louis Koo? I thought he has always been a very generous and honorable man? According to the news tabloid, LK is a generous and humble millionaire no?

  6. Can either one sustain – even a mid term relationship given JW’s track record of going for (any – and multiple) men and he for the cowardly way he broke up with a long term relationship with whom he even took wedding photos ? I wonder how such a couple can even trust each other? And seriously…does anyone believe an aging rocker in a not so hot band can sustain a woman like JW who has taste for the wild and expensive things in life???

  7. Oh no the cycle is repeating itself again…. will this girl ever stop? I guess she honestly has no shame. She seems like a mad woman, and to think she was hoping to put the affair with Andy behind her and start over. Think again…..

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