Jacqueline Wong Celebrates Her 31st Birthday

On January 23, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) celebrated her 31st birthday with her family. As the youngest of four sisters, Jacqueline’s older sisters showered her with love on this special day. Although the Wuhan Coronavirus is a major health concern, the birthday girl still went out for a cozy hot pot gathering and ended the night with a birthday cake.

At about 6 p.m., reporters waiting outside of Jacqueline’s apartment saw Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) show up in his car. The actor, who collaborated with her on the program A Chef and a Gentleman <懿想得到>, clarified he was not visiting Jacqueline. “My friend lives here,” he explained. “I’m bringing my friend nian gao, so don’t be mistaken!”

Jacqueline finally came down from her apartment sometime after 6:30 p.m. She wore makeup, a black mask, black leather pants, and white high heels. The actress nodded when reporters wished her a happy birthday. As for her birthday wish, she expressed, “I wish for everyone to be healthy and happy.”

Hence, she was concerned that the reporters did not wear masks. When they asked where she was going to celebrate her birthday, Jacqueline remained tightlipped and left in elder sister Scarlett Wong’s (黃心美) seven-passenger vehicle.

Denies Being Depressed

The media followed Jacqueline to Causeway Bay. When she got out of the car, she revealed she was going to have hot pot. A reporter asked if the actress is suffering from depression, but Jacqueline denied it. “I am healthy. I do a lot of exercises too. I went out a few times,” she said.

However, it appears she did not meet up with her friends from the entertainment circle. “We talked on WhatsApp. I want to spend time with my family,” Jacqueline shared.

After answering reporters’ questions, Jacqueline went upstairs to have dinner with her family. At about 10:40 p.m, Jacqueline uploaded photos from the celebration including a picture of her with her three sisters Scarlett, Shelby Wong (黃心妙), and Shirley Wong (黃心慧). Jacqueline captioned the photo, “Ha, I am always the youngest among this group. Thank you for your heartfelt blessings!”

In one of the pictures, Jacqueline posed with her birthday cake, which sparked netizens’ interest. Some said the cake has a phoenix to signify Jacqueline is a phoenix rising from the ashes while others said the cake resembled a bat.

Source: Oncc

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com

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  1. Trying to change image from a cheat & homewrecker to a family person and health concerned of all people she meets….

  2. Taking a closer look at her nose…..yes it does look somewhat different what what it looked like previously….

  3. Before any of you point a finger at anyone, first ask yourself whether you are perfect to the point of being without any blemish. Otherwise don’t judge others… Look into the mirror to see yourself!

    1. @andytan

      Ha ha ……. that is the prize for being a celebrity …… a public figure. If we are celebrities, we will have to take all kinds of comments from the public …………. good or bad.

    2. @andytan
      No one is perfect but I think most of us would not do what she did hopefully. Plus, she is a public figure so she has to endure good and bad judgment from everyone. That is a part of fame sadly.

  4. Can I just mention, I find her current styling awful. Really notice the difference between the tvb standards and her own skills. When she first came back to hk and was at the airport, I thought her make up seemed patchy and bad but thought that was the kind of ‘run down’ image she was going for.

  5. youngest the one wildest one and cheapest steal someone husband… cheap girl get lost!

  6. Before d scandal was exposed, on screen, she put up d good & homely girl image. But infact, she is a wild, aggressive cheater n home wracker. Therefore, dont be fool by her good girl image again, it is fake n pretending. She is shameless.

    1. @jlyl
      After watching an episode of Cooking Beauties, well before the scandal I was already questioning her personality. I remember posting that Grace Chan seems to be a very nice down to earth girl while Jacqueline was an argumentative brat. If I remember correct, the 3rd contestant was Katy Kung and her personality was kind of in between. It’s easy to hide when acting in a drama but difficult to hide natural reactions when chatting directly on shows. Oh, and Phoebe was there too but couldn’t tell what her personality was like since all she was responsible for was smiling and clapping wildly between adverts…..

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