Lai Lok Yi Shows Off Backside in “Happily Ever After?”

Happily Ever After <婚後事> has been pushing the boundaries of Hong Kong television with its steamy scenes. Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) and Winki Lai (賴慰玲) had a scene where they were bathing together and Lai Lok Yi revealed his bare backside.

At a promotional event, Winki joked Lok Yi was a passionate performer and went completely bare while filming. Winki said Lok Yi asked everyone on set to avert their eyes when he came out and she swore she did not take a single look. Lok Yi was sure no one stole a peek, as no one laughed or sneakily smiled during the scene.

Lok Yi explained he was not sure how to tape himself up, “I was only given a roll of bandage and a towel. I thought about how to stick it on myself for a long time but couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t ask for help either because it would have been sexual harassment. I thought I would not bother with it so we could finish filming quickly and go home. ”

He joked he would work hard in maintaining his figure. “If they want me to reveal another part, then that part must be really awesome and something I’m proud of. I don’t know which part that would be. We’ll have to see what everyone thinks. I’ll make sure to ask first!” When asked which part of him wows his wife, Lok Yi he said none. “When she was watching, she kept saying that I should have exercised more. Sadly, I agree with her.”

Although Happily Ever After? ignited a lot of discussion, the ratings have been below 20 points. Lok Yi pointed out the mature scenes in the drama, which impacted the ratings since it excluded younger viewers. Lok Yi was happy about the positive feedback so far, while Winki said the intimate scenes were not gratituitous and were necessary for the storyline.

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  1. Ending is a big let down and not realistic. The drama was realistic up (but dramatic) until the ending. It was forced happy ending IMHO. Given all the drama beforehand, the ending is anticlimatic

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