Lai Lok Yi Had a Crush on Nancy Wu 20 Years Ago

Working for TVB for 20 years, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Lai Lok Yi’s (黎諾懿) efforts and loyalty were acknowledged with a 20th year service award.

An unknow fact to many, Nancy and Lok Yi were actually in the same TVB acting class. Lok Yi expressed, “When people learn about this, they are usually shocked, because Nancy kept up her looks so well. She looks the same as when she first started in the entertainment industry!” Recalling when they collaborated on acting out a scene from a costume drama as part of their exam, he shared, “I don’t think I did very well in the exam. While Nancy immediately got cast in roles after graduation, I did nothing for a several years!”

Nancy feels that everyone’s journey is different. “One day, I had a few drinks at home and happened to watch a show that Lok Yi hosted. I immediately sent him a voice message. When I first met him, I didn’t know he was such a good cook. Now, he can use this skill to expand his work.”

Lok Yi added, “She sent me a few messages, and each of them were two or three minutes long! When messages are that long, it’s usually something bad. However, those were actually messages of encouragement. I’ve kept those messages until now. When I get the chance to interview her in the future, I’ll share these messages.”

Having won Best Actress twice, Nancy was asked what her new goals are. Pointing out that Lok Yi has found success in both his career and personal life, she also hopes to have a family of her own.

When asked whether he will play matchmaker for Nancy, Lok Yi expressed that Nancy has many choices and does not need matchmaking. He went on to admit that he had a crush on Nancy during that acting class days, “However, I hid my feelings and never said anything. Timing is very important. At the time, I didn’t have a career going, so I don’t dare pursue her.” On whether his wife, Nicole Lee (李潔瑩) will be upset about his admission, Lok -Yi confidently shook his head, “I’m not afraid. She knows I like to blurt out random things.”

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