Ali Lee and Lai Lok Yi Promote New Travel Program

Ahead of the release of TVB’s new travel program Lok Yi in the Wild <隨懿深度行>, Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), Ali Lee (李嘉馨), Samantha Ko (高海寧) and Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇) attended a promotional event where they shared behind the scene stories and filming experience.

For Lai Lok Yi, the actor joked he was able to mix work and pleasure while filming the drama and thanked his friends for their support. Lai Lok Yi shared that he was honored to be accompanied by Ali, Samantha and Tiffany for the program and hoped that the audience would appreciate that he was the basically only male artiste in the program.

When asked if Lai Lok Yi was worried that his wife would be jealous, he responded, “Don’t make friends with the same person. I made friends with everyone so she wouldn’t mind it. I liked everyone so she wouldn’t know who to get mad at!”

Lai Lok Yi also shared that Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) also appeared as a guest and he was surprised by her professionalism. Even though Priscilla was afraid of a lot of the program’s activities, she would still tough it out just to film the program.

Ali Lee Moved to a Luxurious Mansion?

Ali was asked why she didn’t wear a swimsuit while filming a travel program and the actress responded she would be willing to do so in a suitable situation. Lai Lok Yi interjected and made everyone laugh when he added that even if Ali wore a swimming suit, she would not look as good as his wife.

On reports that Ali recently moved to a luxurious mansion, Ali shared, “I have been moving a lot in recent years. I know I spent a lot more time at home after the pandemic so I wanted a comfortable and affordable place. I don’t think it’s luxurious. It’s just a place that can be supported by my salary.”

When reports pointed out that she was surrounded by security guards and personal drivers, Ali denied and said they were just workers, “As long as you have apps, you can also get a driver.”

Samantha Braved Through the Cold

When asked about her experience while filming in Malaysia with Lai Lok Yi, Samantha shared that the most memorable experience was seeing the clear sky and trying new varieties of durian. Samantha revealed that she was not very familiar with Malaysia but it was a unique experience to go up the mountains to find the world’s largest flower.

Samantha attended the promotional event while recovering from a cold. She shared that she recently started filming for Flight Diary <飛常日誌> with Kenneth Ma (馬國明)  and might had gotten sick while filming at the airport. Samantha was able to take a 5-days break to recuperate and will be filming shortly after.

Samantha revealed she recently saw Kenneth after his trip to Paris with his fiancée Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) to shoot his wedding photos. Samantha was very happy for the couple and described Kenneth as looking rejuvenated after returning to Hong Kong from Paris.

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