Samantha Ko Placed in Center Spot

Her role as a savvy newscaster in hit drama The Queen of News <新聞女王> in 2022 saw actress Samantha Ko‘s (高海寧) popularity in the mainland market skyrocket, along with a long-awaited “Best Supporting Female Lead” win at TVB Anniversary Awards – her first acting award and a stellar recognition in her 15 year journey in showbiz!

Attending a wedding gown fashion event in Shenzhen, China alongside a lineup of actresses including Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯), stars Nineone (乃萬), Ada Zhuang (莊心妍) and Dai Si (代斯), Samantha arrived last as the biggest guest star of the evening, and even took the center spot, evoking netizens’ heated talk!

Chaperoned by Crew

Dressed in a white toga slit gown which showed off her long legs and cherubic skin, Samantha stood out with her aura of elegance and arrived chaperoned by several crew members, surrounded by professional photographers and shutter-ready audiences. Arranged to sit at row one, various guests even stood up to welcome her as she arrived.

As for Tavia, she was dressed in a topless blue fur evening gown which showed off her queenly aura and perfectly taut skin. However, many netizens expressed surprise that Samantha was placed at the center spot with Tavia, Ada, Nineone and Dai Si by her side.

“Is Samantha’s position higher than Tavia’s now?”, “That’s Tavia, one of the five fadans, how can she not be at the center?”, “Indeed, the Chinese market gives you quick money and quick ascension, she’s been a supporting actress at TVB for over 10 years, but rose to prominence after just a year in the mainland”.

Some credited Samantha’s rapid rise to the success of the hit newscaster-themed drama, others felt it was fitting that she stood at the center given her height and stature, while yet other netizens felt that given Tavia’s veteran position, she should have taken the center spot, instead of Samantha.

Source: HK01

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  1. This is a modeling event in Mainland. Samantha is a former model and her native tongue is Mandarin. At 5’8.5”, she is the tallest and she has 6 packs because she works out everyday. Is there a reason why she should not be at the center? Was this an acting event based on seniority? No. Otherwise, Tavia can take front center. Let’s be objective here.

  2. Samantha looks the best because of her nice body shape. I would put her in center too just for visuals.

  3. She also has main roles in TVB and she shined in all of them. It’s not like she just jumped to the top in the Mainland. Her efforts deserve the center and her height makes the line look symmetrical. <3

  4. It makes sense to put the tallest person in the center at a fashion event. Plus she’s got a gorgeous figure and she’s very active in Mainland as well

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