Tavia Yeung and Vincent Wong Film “Black Moonlight”

Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯) and Vincent Wong (王浩信) were spotted in Kowloon City earlier filming for upcoming TVB drama Black Moonlight <黑色月光>. They were filming a scene where they were arguing over plans for revenge. Vincent had a bandage on his face and the makeup artist had helped him add realistic looking injuries. On set, Vincent was often silent to further immerse in his character.

When they were not filming, Vincent and Tavia were busy practicing their lines together. Vincent shared they had filmed a scene where he had helped Tavia complete a task and had crashed his car in the process. “My emotions were quite conflicted as I was filming because what I’m feeling on the inside is different from what I’m presenting on the outside. There are many levels of changes and I need to be very immersed to portray the character well.” The actor revealed he would stand by himself during filming breaks to think carefully about how to act in the scene.

Vincent added, “My character really loves Tavia. He only gets close to Rosina Lam (林夏薇) to exact revenge. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with Tavia, so I hope to bring out new chemistry.”

It has been two years since Tavia has filmed a drama and she recently returned from working in China. She said, “It went very well. Taking care of the children is actually more tiring. It’s like being on call 24 hours a day, which is taxing physically and mentally. I missed the children a lot while in Shenzhen. Whenever I had a break, I would return to Hong Kong even if it was to only eat dinner. My daughter told me not to leave for so long–she said I should just work for one minute! It broke my heart when I heard that.”

Tavia praised her husband Him Law (羅子溢) for taking care of the children diligently while she was gone, “He’s also a big child so I’ll give him 100 points! He mostly drives them around. We also have our in-laws and a domestic helper to help out, so I’m not worried.”

Tavia joked once she finishes filming the drama, she would rush home to be a housewife. “Children grow up so fast–I want to have more time to spend with them. They study at an international school, so we’re not feeling the pressure from homework yet.”

Although Him’s intimate scenes in Happy Ever After? <婚後事> are heating up headlines, Tavia does not feel uncomfortable. She said, “How passionate can they be if they can air in Hong Kong> Haha, I have no problem with these things.” She will surely support the drama and watch on streaming platforms if she has no work. Asked if she sets limits for Him regarding passionate scenes, she expressed full confidence in her husband.

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