Tavia Yeung and Him Law Sleep in Separate Rooms

Ever the loving couple, Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯) and husband Him Law (羅子溢) recently shared on a mainland variety program about sleeping in separate rooms!

Mommy Holds the Reins at Home

Him explained, “Now sometimes we sleep in separate rooms, as she doesn’t want the kids to disturb me when they awaken, so we sleep apart,” Tavia concurred, adding, “Because his work schedule is very packed, he rises very early and gets to bed very late every night, sometimes when he sleeps, he will come to the kids’ room to be with me,”

Chatting about Him’s philandering role in Happily Ever After <婚後事>, Tavia shared that the two made an agreement with her husband even before they started dating, “Actually when I first knew him, I already said, ‘If one day you were to have a change of heart, then do it! But don’t ask me to forgive you,” Him also recalled once having such a big quarrel with Tavia to the point of ‘separating’. “I’m all about settling quarrels on the very day, but she will always cool it till the next day before talking things out, I can’t, I’ve to settle today, today you’ve to give me an answer; but now, even I’ve changed,”

When asked who is the “head’ of the family, Him quickly replied that wifey is the key decision maker, “My daughter smilingly says that mummy is the ‘queen’ then daddy is ‘king’, I told her there’s no king in this family”’, said Him, who described himself as ‘operations manager’.

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    1. I think what she meant is forgive but do not forget. Like “I will move on in a second if you mess up that badly.” She has high EQ and they have very similar projects so the chances of running into them in this industry is high and you gotta “Act” polite

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