Him Law to Film “ICAC Investigators 2024”

Above: Him Law and Jacky Cai star in “ICAC Investigators 2024”.

Him Law (羅子溢) appeared at the blessing ceremony for ICAC Investigators 2024 <廉政行動 2024> yesterday. Signing with TVB last year, he will have more filming projects this year lined up until September.

Supportive of each other’s work, Him and Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯) have been alternating childcare responsibilities. Last year, he had to travel to film Modern Dynasty 2 <家族榮耀>. Once he returned, Tavia started filming her new TVB drama while he watched their children. Tavia is now back in Hong Kong. The family can celebrate Lunar New Year together.

Since the birth of their daughter in 2020, Tavia significantly cut back her work but would film occasionally if there is an enticing offer. Him joked that Tavia is a much firmer parent. “Under my guidance, my daughter seems to have developed a strong personality. It’s better if Tavia leads her. I’m afraid I would lead her astray! To her, I’m just a toy manufacturer. She is now very clear in her directions and would say, ‘Dad, I want this and that–help me buy it.’”

When asked about the recent passing of radio personality and actor Eric Cheng (鄭啟泰), who was cast in ICAC 2024, Him said the production crew is now searching for a replacement actor. Expressing his condolences, Him said he had met Eric through Tavia as they were former co-stars. “Eric was a very talkative and positive person. When I heard the news, our hearts felt heavy,” Him said.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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