Samantha Ko Has a Health Setback

Skyrocketing to popularity with her role as news anchor Xu Shiqing in hit drama The Queen of News <新聞女王>, actress Samantha Ko (高海寧) has been taking on endless jobs with variety shows, advertisements and other gigs, while rushing to film TVB’s upcoming drama Wulin <武林>!

Reminds Everyone to Prioritize Health

However, the 37-year-old’s health seems to have taken a toll as she revealed that she was hospitalized on April 19, evoking the concern of fans and netizens. Samantha previously shared about discovering a lump in her neck, asking netizens for advice on which specialty to visit, though is unknown if her recent hospitalization is related to the lump.

In the photo she uploaded of herself on the hospital bed, Samantha is seen wearing glasses with no makeup on, while smiling to the camera, reminding fans that “’Health’ is the basis of hard work, don’t learn from me guys~ Definitely take good care of yourselves! Don’t let your loved ones worry! Only with a healthy body can you go further and accomplish greater dreams, let us all stay healthy,” In her photo, she also wrote, “Now I understand better how “good health” is more than just a catchphrase, everyone must take good care of yourselves,”

Later, she shared a photo of herself watching famed Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda‘s work Monster on the television. “#Monster the last time I watched it at the theaters”. As she did not reveal more details, many left concerned comments urging the actress to take better care of herself.

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  1. Ko Ling always gives me the carefree enjoying life~ vibes. Wishing her a quick recovery!

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