Samantha Ko Explains Origin of Mysterious Lumps on Head

After winning TVB Best Supporting Actress in 2023 for her role in the widely successful The QUEEN of News (新聞女王), Samantha Ko (高海寧) reached a new peak in her career. Her newfound popularity led to an increasingly busy work schedule, which took a tool on Samantha’s health. Last month, she was hospitalized after finding a mysterious lump on her neck.

Discharged from the hospital now, Samantha shared, “It was very sudden. I just finished filming an episode for Memories Beyond Horizon <無限超越班> and was on a flight. I was massaging my neck when I suddenly felt a large lump on my neck. It felt hard. Compared to how it looks now, it was a lot bigger when I first discovered it. I was really scared. I continued to feel along my neck towards my head when I felt two more large, hard bumps. It hurt when I pressed on them!”

Diagnosed with Alopecia areata (patchy hair loss) in 2011 and 2017, the 37-year-old is now experiencing a recurrence, perhaps due to the stress from her most recent health scare. Samantha expressed, “I’ve experienced Alopecia areata twice before. Recently, I am having the same symptoms again. I know it’s because of stress. It’s not that I am anxious, but I need to find time to check it out at the hospital. The filming crew was very nice and gave me a few days break to visit the hospital.”

After hospitalization, Samantha’s condition was fortunately not very serious. “They checked and confirmed it was not a serious condition. I’ve improved a lot since. The doctor wants to continue monitoring it. The lumps are still there, so it might just take some time. The doctor advised me to rest more.”

On her current mental state, Samantha said, “I am someone who is easily nervous and anxious, especially when it comes to work. Since I try to keep myself at 100 percent condition, I push myself to the limit. This caused a lot of pressure and stress, so I need to learn how to adjust my mentality and relax more.”

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Samantha Ko Has a Health Setback

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