“The Queen of News” Drops Character Teasers

TVB anniversary drama The Queen of News <新聞女王> is this year’s highly anticipated production, thanks to Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) comeback turn as a news anchor!

Charmaine as Charismatic Anchorwoman Sister Man

Nicknamed “palace fighting professional” after her impressive turn as Consort Xian in Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>, Charmaine’s custom-tailored role in the upcoming HK drama has successfully ignited mainland audiences’ interest, as the 26-episode series is being billed by TVB as the modern-day version of bingeworthy scheming palace dramas, difference being politics is played out in the fast-paced newsroom.

Anticipated Performances from Samantha Ko, Regina Ho

To drum up hype, TVB has released teaser videos for each of the main cast, in addition to stills. Channelling alpha female vibes, Charmaine’s hard work of perfecting the demeanor of a news anchor can be seen in her powerful lines, “Wherever I am is where the studio is”, and “I am also curious to know who can get to my position”. Meanwhile, Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) version teased how shrewd tactics figured more than actual news reporting abilities in scaling up the career ladder!

In the drama, Sister Man and George who figure as the top female and male news anchor respectively at SNK News, will face off at every turn, with their respective preferred up-and-coming anchors Regina Ho (何依婷), and Samantha Ko (高海寧) also embroiled into the dynamics.

The second batch of videos released teases Samantha as the sexy face of the station, while viewers can also look forward to a different side of Regina, as the  bride-to-be navigates exciting scenes of transformation in what co-star Matthew Ho (何廣沛) has called her “breakthrough performance”.

Charmaine Sheh’s Teaser Clip:

Kenneth Ma’s Teaser Clip:

Source: HK.On.CC

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