Ali Lee Completes Filming “Mahjong Orchestra”

Starring opposite Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) in Mahjong Orchestra <麻雀樂團>, Ali Lee (李佳芯) attended the drama’s celebration banquet recently. Although she has not filmed two years prior to this project, Ali did not feel awkward on the filming set. They finished filming the 25-episode drama in only two months, which was the fastest filming record Ali had for a drama.

Due to the time constraints of filming locations, Ali praised the cast and crew for their diligence in getting the project done timely despite many of them falling ill, herself included. Stepping on the scale one day, Ali was surprised to see she had lost 10 pounds and weighed less than 100 pounds. “I got really skinny at the time and didn’t even notice at first. My mother asked why I became so thin and that’s when I stepped on the scale and saw I had lost 10 pounds. I haven’t been under 100 pounds since my school days. I’ve fortunately put on some weight since then.”

On whether she will be renewing her contract with TVB, Ali admitted she did not have time to meet and discuss the terms and conditions of renewing her contract yet due to her busy filming schedule. When asked what conditions she would bring to the table, the 41-year-old expressed, “I’ve never been someone with a lot of demands. I’m not materialistic, so being able to earn a living wage is good enough for me. Money is not the most important factor. I place more emphasis on the type of filming project. I really enjoy filling dramas. As long as I can film dramas and challenge myself, then I’m happy.”

Spotted at the movies with a mysterious man recently, Ali was asked whether he was her new boyfriend. She said, “He’s just a friend. We made plans to play tennis that day, but it ended up storming. I exercise whenever I have free time now, so I have been learning how to play tennis.” Although wary of prying media eyes, Ali  readjusted her mindset and will not shy away from meeting up with friends, hoping to live as normal a life as possible and enjoy her friends’ company regardless of their gender.

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