Ali Lee Has Yet to Renew with TVB

As news of artistes like Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) choosing not to renew their contract with TVB, netizens are waiting with bated breath for contract updates for other TVB artistes. When Ali Lee (李佳芯) attended a promotional event, the media took the opportunity to catch up with her to find out about the status of her contact.

Concerns over Ali’s contract emerged after it was discovered that the actress’s face was blurred out in China’s broadcast of TVB’s Anniversary Gala. When asked about the incident, Ali shared she did not understand the reason and said, “It’s not the first year that it happened. I will continue to do my best and wait for the company’s arrangement.”

Quoting TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲)that Ali has a long contract remaining, Ali denied and revealed, “Actually, there is only a short period remaining. We have been in discussion but we haven’t agreed on a suitable offer.”

When asked if the company has shown sincerity in retaining the actress and her intentions to stay, Ali responded, “There are many artistes who work for the company, so I haven’t heard anything about it. I still like to make dramas but artistes are dispensable. If Heaven wants me to stop, I will stop. I will just walk down the path.”

As Ali continues negotiating her contract, she is rumored to be heading over to Australia to be a judge, a guest and an emcee for the Miss Australia Chinese. Ali denied the rumors and said, “I am not the emcee. The emcee is Anderson Junior (安德尊). This is not the first time that I attended the pageantry finals, I went in 2019 with Moses Chan (陳豪).”

The media noted that Ali had not filmed a new drama since A Perfect Man <有種好男人>, Ali was asked about her upcoming projects and responded, “I heard there is a hold period. Some producers approached me to talk about stories, but maybe there is a change in funding and delays in filming. I am essentially waiting for the company to make an announcement.”

Ali was nominated for the Best Female Host Awards and when asked if she has confidence in winning, Ali said, “There are many good hosts in the company, I would be embarrassed to win it. Let fates decide! Everyone works hard!”

Sources: HK on CC

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