Ali Lee Was Absent From TVB Anniversary Awards

TVB’s Anniversary Awards were held on January 14, with the attendance of the station’s most prominent stars. Noticeably absent was Ali Lee (李佳芯) despite her Best Actress and Best Female Host nominations. Since she usually attended TVB’s Anniversary events, Ali’s absence was surprising.

It was said Ali was not invited to the TVB Anniversary Awards and was given the cold treatment. She allegedly silently protested by not mentioning a single word about the awards show on social media. On the other hand, Nancy Wu (胡定欣), who was also nominated for Best Actress was also not in attendance but still commented on social media in support of Moses Chan (陳豪) who won Best Actor.

Ali was reportedly still frozen by TVB and blacklisted by China for her supposed political stance. During the TVB Anniversary Gala, Ali was ordered to stand on the very edge despite her central position in the past. She was censored on TVB’s livestream broadcast in China. Fans were extremely upset at the censorship and felt that she might as well not go if her face would eventually be blurred.

Since the Anniversary Awards Presentation was also live streamed in China, this may be the reason why Ali was absent.

On Sunday night, Ali updated her social media and reposted a short clip that fans made for her. The clip reviewed her success from her start in the industry to her winning awards. She wrote a message on her post, “Be happy. Be bright. Be you.”

Ali had very few opportunities in recent years. Last year, Ali’s only drama that aired was A Perfect Man <有種好男人> so she took on hosting jobs instead. Ali admitted no one reached out to her for work. With her TVB contract ending soon, Ali hinted that renewal would be unlikely. “We haven’t reached a consensus–we still need to talk it through.” After TVB’s recent treatment towards Ali, it seemed unlikely she would renew her contract.

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  1. i like her…

    With the blacklist from Mainland China… Anywhere she go, is still the same issues… TVB do a lot for her… If TVB do not care about her, they just terminate her contract…

  2. I think the best way to view this is that she’s being phased out or her workload is becoming less because she is nearing the end of her contract. TVB cannot pull strings in mainland right now. I think the best is for her to focus on other markets.

  3. Agree as everyone else says! Ali hopefully can venture out into other stations then and make it big without mainlands help. Glad for her taking her stance!

  4. TVB has kind of become a political puppet, churning out whoever behaves and smooches butt………..Ali deserves a much better environment, and it is totally TVB’s loss to not keep her around……..There really isn’t any other female artists left around worth watching………..that has the same beauty and aura as Ali.

  5. I’m a little sad that she’s being treated this way. Was what she said that bad? All I recall was her telling people to register to vote or to go vote? Can people not “forgive” her by now? I feel like it’s been years. It’s a shame because she’s such a talented actress. Wherever she goes, I will continue to support her by giving her work a try.

  6. Just sounds like a naive statement after being questioned. Sounds like something a person with no clue about politics would say. Very unlucky that this won’t be forgotten.

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