Ali Lee and Shaun Tam to Film “Mahjong Orchestra”

Frozen by TVB for two years, Ali Lee (李佳芯) primarily hosted talk and travel shows. Her last drama was A Perfect Man <有種好男人> in 2021. She has also tried producing, directing, screenwriting, and acting in her own micro film. Although she has no new works, she still made an appearance at TVB’s Anniversary Gala. The show was also live streamed in China and whenever the camera was on Ali, her face was censored just like the year before. She was also missing in clips and photos on TVB’s Chinese social media accounts. Although nominated for Best Actress and Best Female Host, she was not seen at the TVB Anniversary Awards Presentation. It was rumored she was not invited to attend. Replying to rumors in a tasteful manner, Ali stated she will continue to do her best. Her contract is ending soon and Ali hinted at leaving, sharing she has not reached a consensus with TVB during negotiations.

In a sudden change of events, TVB is giving Ali a new opportunity as she will film Mahjong Orchestra <麻雀樂團> with Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) at the end of March. It is a comedy about mahjong and music. Ali will play an outgoing bookkeeper at a mahjong parlor and Shaun will play her boss and a single father to Rosita Kwok (郭柏妍). Ali and Shaun will initially be at odds before they slowly fall in love. This is the first-time collaboration between the former Best Actress and Best Actor winners. If Ali does not renew her contract, Mahjong Orchestra will likely be her last drama with TVB.

Ali confirmed through text she will be filming a new drama, “Thanks! I haven’t read the entire script but I’m excited for a new character.” Shaun is also looking forward to working with Ali, “I’ve read the script and I feel the characters will be really fun. I hope when we start filming everyone can leave work smiling.”

With the good news, it is no wonder Ali was all smiles during her annual fans meeting. She emotionally thanked her fans for staying by her side through all these years, “Every question to you over the years is filled with doubts, and every answer to me is pure and consistent in words and actions. Really. Neither late nor early, I am someone who always decides as I go. I’ll continue to believe the best timing is to leave it in the hands of time itself.”

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  1. Highly anticipated if the drama could role out before Ali’s contract is up this year which I doubt. I’m excited that Ali will want to do her best for many reasons in particular for her devotion to drama acting. I’m excited if she has a new approach towards handling this opportunity after being passed up almost forever. Really hoped it can materialised and not just a rumour. Btw credit to Kiki for her accurate reporting!

  2. For some reason tvb hates her. Did she offend some higher ups? I find them more forgiving towards a guy who recklessly drive around dead drunk than her. Why?

    1. It’s not TVB that hates her. It’s China. She offended China. Unfortunately, China is a huge part of TVB’s business model, they can’t be promoting China’s “enemy”. TVB loves Ali, that’s why she hasn’t been completely booted off yet. Other artists would have been let go far before the end of their contract.

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