Ali Lee Shares News of Her Next Drama

Hong Kong actress Ali Lee (李佳芯) attracted attention when she attended an event at the horse racetrack. Recently, the actress made a post on social media to remind herself to smile which led many netizens to speculate that Ali is unhappy with her lack of projects. In response, Ali denied the rumors and shared that a project is in the works!

Ali explained, “There should be a drama coming, but I only have heard about it. I have seen producer Macro Law (羅永賢) but I don’t know the details. I am still waiting for the script. Every time I come out, everyone seems to ask me if I have a drama. I will let fate decide. In my opinion, I really want a good character and a good project, but it depends on the company’s arrangement.”

When Ali wasn’t working, the actress was busy finding a way to improve herself. During the pandemic, Ali revealed that she stayed home to watch and study from movies. Ali shared that it was good to have time to think and nurture her creativity, “I didn’t care about gaining anything. It’s enough to live happily every day. It’s rare to be able to learn what I want to learn.”

Ali continued, “I learned about emotional therapy and drama. These few years have been very fulfilling. In the industry, there are many friends who are under immense stress and would suddenly cry. It made me want to learn about ways to de-stress and decrease insomnia. I hope I can help others and myself.” Ali also shared that she took singing lessons and would continue the lessons because it will help with her acting.

In terms of Ali’s personal relationship, Ali laughed and responded that she will meet her Mr. Right when the time is right. Ali shared, “I would still go out with friends. I don’t want my worries of being photographed to impact my life. It’s not worth it. Of course, when there is good news, everyone will naturally know.”

Source: HK01

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