Ali Lee to Film “Mahjong Orchestra” in March

After being frozen by TVB for two years with little exposure, Ali Lee (李佳芯)  previously shared her contract with TVB was up. Lacking a consensus on contract renewal terms, Ali was absent at some of TVB’s biggest events, including the TVB Anniversary Awards in January. Recently, they may have now come to an agreement, as Ali confirmed she will be filming a new drama.

In March, Ali will star in Mahjong Orchestra <麻雀樂團> opposite Shaun Tam (譚俊彥). Soon to begin filming next month, Ali shared, “When I was a little girl, my grandma and mom would play mahjong every week, so I’ve been exposed to and have an interest in playing mahjong. I know how to play the game, but don’t know how to count points. Whoever I play with will have to know how to count points for me.”

Resuming work after the Lunar New Year holidays, Ali was seen at the Chubby Hearts Hong Kong event earlier. The artistic event brightened the Hong Kong skyline with oversized heart-shaped balloons in a majestic expression of love. Fans were excited to see Ali, with some even sweetly folding bills into origami hearts and gifting it to Ali in a red envelope.

On how she celebrated Valentine’s Day, Ali shared, “I received flowers, chocolates, and a little gift. I have a habit of also gifting presents to friends during such holidays, so I often receive gifts from them on Valentine’s Day. It is our way of showing love to one another.”

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  1. Finally, the first incentive I’ve had in the last few years to watch a TVB series………I’ve practically stopped tuning to TVB for 2 years, as there were just not one female artiste worthwhile to watch……..Nor did anyone have the same femininity, charisma, charm and beauty as Ali……….

  2. I’m excited to see her on screen again! I find Shaun to be a bit dull, but that’s okay. There’s not a lot of options to choose from TVB nowadays anyway.

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