Ali Lee Explains Absence at TVB Anniversary Awards

Nominated for Best Actress and Best Host, Ali Lee (李佳芯) was expected to attend the 2023 TVB Anniversary Awards. Her shocking absence led many to speculate the actress was still frozen by TVB and blacklisted in China. At the Anniversary gala, Ali’s face was censored during the live stream in China.

At a Sketchers event yesterday, Ali explained her absence, “I had a bit of a cough and I also had to attend an event afterward. Since the drama was from more than a year ago, I thought it wouldn’t be obvious if I didn’t attend. It turns out everyone has sharp eyes.”

It was said TVB did not invite Ali and she was allegedly disheartened. Ali stated the headline was just click bait and joked, “There were too many good-looking people that day, so I thought everyone would not notice I was missing.”

When prompted Ali did not seem to care for the TVB Anniversary Awards as she did not mention them on social media, Ali explained, “Although I didn’t attend, I still paid attention and I’m very happy for my friends who won awards such as Moses Chan (陳豪). This was his second win after 16 years. I’m also happy for Tiffany Lau (劉穎璇) who won Most Improved Actress and Samantha Ko (高海寧) for Best Supporting Actress. I was very touched by Jazz Lam’s (林子善) Best Supporting Actor speech and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) for winning Best Actress three times. This was all in my heart but I will express it out loud now.”

While Ali’s TVB contract will end this year, she felt at a loss for what to say. Each time she made a comment, the media would write she was leaving and then she would get scolded by TVB. Still in contract negotiations with TVB, they did not get into the fine details yet.

“I don’t feel the company is ignoring me. Even though I have very few dramas, I still have hosting work and viewers can continuously see me on television. If TVB was ignoring me, they could just give me no work at all. I do want to stay at a place that I’m familiar with. The most important thing is whether I will be given good opportunities but we haven’t reached a consensus on all points…. We’re both invested in negotiations and I feel okay whether I renew or not. Thank you for everyone’s concern. I am the type of person to take things as they come. Working together is not a one-way street. If everyone wants to continue working together, then let’s do it!” Ali said.

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Ali Lee Was Absent From TVB Anniversary Awards

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