Mandy Wong Departs TVB

After months of dodging questions regarding her contract, Mandy Wong (黃智雯 ) has finally announced the end of her 16-years career with TVB.

Mandy uploaded a short video on her social media of her last day with the station where she was seen saying her goodbyes and taking pictures with her colleagues including Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Kaman Wong (江嘉敏), Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) and Elaine Yiu (姚子羚).

Mandy wrote, “At this moment, it is difficult to describe my mixed feelings. Thank you TVB. Thank you for this place for nurturing me and cultivating me all these years. Step by step and with steady feet to get to this day, I want to especially thank to every producer and the behind the scene crew who loved me. I am very lucky to have met a group of comrades.”

After thanking a list of colleagues, Mandy continued, “Thank you for bringing me good memories. In my heart, all of my roles gave me warmth and weight. In the next chapter, I look forward to meeting more characters, stepping on new stages and taking on more challenges. I’m ready.”

In a follow-up interview with the media, Mandy shared that she will announce her future plans at a later date. For now, she is busy rehearsing with her Nonsense Club friends for the US tour which will be held later this month. Mandy said, “It is rare for us good friends to be performing on the same stage, so we are putting all our focus and time into the concert.”

Mandy added, “I feel uneasy at this moment, but with everyone’s care, I will continue to concentrate on my acting career. Acting has always been my favorite job.”

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  1. I’ll miss Mandy. I hope she will follow Charmaine’s footsteps and gain a better foothold in other places, and be asked to come back to film for TVB. It’s not like TVB has given her a lot of opportunities to stand out, so I get why she wants to leave. She’s not that young anymore.

    1. for me, she is 3-4 lines actress… She is good but not for the lead… TVB give her a lots a main role, but nothing stand out…

      1. I know lots of folks don’t like her acting, just like lots of folks didn’t think Natalie can act. But I’ve seen these ladies at their best, so I absolutely think if given the right casting, they can be extremely successful. Even Charmaine in lead roles took some heavy bleh series in the years before she left. But look at her now. Look at Selena. Look at Fala. I know not everyone can achieve their level of success, but I think Mandy can.

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