Ruco Chan Wants to Be Cast with Phoebe Sin

Acting opposite Hugo Ng (吳岱融) in recently airing drama Secret Door <隱門>, actor Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) is full of praise for the veteran’s performance and says he would not be able to do as well!

Ruco 2.0: Reined in by Wife & Daughter

Sharing about his love for the drama’s thematic focus, which highlights how everyone has something to hide beneath their daily lives, Ruco expressed admiration for Hugo’s all-out acting as the father who blackmails his daughter Mandy Wong (黃智雯). “If it were me, I’d be pretty hindered as I’d have many considerations and would also rationalize things, so (my performance) might not be as all out,”
With the drama delving into the secret inner world of its characters, Ruco, too shared what he has “hidden” from his wife Phoebe Sin (單文柔) – the occasional encounters at entertainment venues!

Weary of Boring Viewers with Similar Roles

“I’d be at work and the bosses’ll get us to the pub, I’d wouldn’t tell her! There’d be girls who’d flirt in my presence, I’d wouldn’t let her know also!” chuckles the father of one, who is now “immune” from any romantic “sparks” with the opposite sex. As many viewers felt, Ruco has pretty much been “reined in” by his wife and daughter, since building his own happy family of three.

Describing himself as being “candid” just like his four-year-old daughter, Ruco says she is as frank as him. Previously finding himself misunderstood due to the impression he tended to give of pulling a “black face”, the 46-year-old clarified and said it is something he will work on. “…I was no mature enough at handling the matter, in future I’d use more of the art of speech, I’d use Heshen method from Succession War <天命> to solve things, haha!”

Citing recent productions The Invisibles <隱形戰隊> and Speakers of Law <法言人> which he did guest-starring roles in, Ruco welcomes such chances, as he is keen to give viewers a refreshed feeling each time he appears onscreen, rather than have them grow bored of seeing him in similar roles.

Sharing that he has dreamed of taking on crossover roles in sitcoms as far back as a few years ago, which he felt would be pretty fun as he can live out his character for a period of time, Ruco even pitched ideas for producers to cast him with his wife. Suggesting a youth drama for Phoebe, he quips, “I can play an “Ah Sir” (teacher), and we could have a teacher-student romance, (I can even) play someone who cheats, haha!”

Source: HK.On.CC

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