Ruco Chan, Mandy Wong, and Roxanne Tong Star in “Hidden Door”

Starring Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), and Hugo Wong (黃子恆), Hidden Door <隱門> has commenced filming. Instead of its usual lead pairings, producer Amy Wong (王心慰) is trying out new casting combinations in hopes of sparking new chemistry.

Mandy, who boasts a resume of a wide variety of roles, shared that she had lost sleep due to overthinking about her complex character. “In the drama, my father, Hugo Ng (吳岱融), is mean and abusive. When I was young, he forced me to smuggle stolen goods, which caused me to have childhood trauma. The drama also has a small reference to paranormal activity, so I will often see my dead husband, portrayed by Hugo Wong. I have a lot of mental stress in the drama.”

Mandy will also have a romantic storyline with Ruco, who shared similar childhood experiences. “When we were younger, both our fathers were thieves. During a time when he was most unhappy, I gifted him a small moment of warmth. That was the seed of our relationship. When we grow up, he will be my protector.”

Despite starring as an insurance investigator, Ruco will have a lot of action scenes. To seek revenge, he will have a fighting scene with Hugo Ng. “I will punch him more than ten times. He’s always been a serious actor, and may just tell me to use full force for the scene!”

Roxanne will star as a police officer, but will not have many action scenes. Instead, she will have some shooting scenes. Discussing her preparations for the role, Roxanne shared, “I have never shot a gun before, so I will need to learn how to hold the gun properly. Other cast members who are also portraying police officers will have to jump into the sea, but I will not have to. The producer is really taking care of me!”

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  1. Ruco must have the most dramas filmed and not shown. Chinatown, You Got the Power, the one with Alice, Cameos in Samantha’s drama, Kenneth’s drama, and ICAC… Am I missing any?

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