Ruco Chan Denies Phoebe Sin is Pregnant

Airing for two weeks, Sinister Beings 2’s <逆天奇案2> ratings remained stable at 20.3 and 21.1 ratings points. Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Rosina Lam (林夏薇), and the cast celebrated the positive results, producer Chung Cheng’s (鍾澍佳) birthday and David Chiang’s (姜大衛) Best Supporting Actor win at the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards.

Ruco and Rosina joked they have already had many celebratory meals, but it still has not been their turn to foot the bill yet. Ruco and Rosina shared their happiness at David’s win. Since David played Ruco’s father in his first TVB drama The Threshold of a Persona < ID精英>, Ruco felt very emotional over the senior actor’s win. “No matter what role he plays, David still retains his original passion for acting and remains humble. I learned a lot from him.”

Ruco was asked whether his wife Phoebe Sin (單文柔) is currently pregnant. Phoebe had recently shared a video in which the video filter disappeared for a second. She seemed to have gained some weight, which prompted pregnancy speculations. Ruco joked, “I don’t know. She didn’t tell me! I’ll go home and ask Phoebe and I’ll share with everyone if there is good news. She’s always keeps herself in a ready state for our next child, but it’s my fault. I’m still preparing.”

As for Rosina, there have been some complaints from netizens regarding the actress’ limited screen time in Sinister Beings 2. Rosina asked for everyone’s patience because she will have more and more screen time in upcoming episodes.

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