TVB Artistes Pull Votes For Anniversary Awards

Nominated for coveted awards, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Jinny Ng (吳若希) and James Ng (吳業坤) shared how they are feeling in the run-up to the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards at the station’s festive “poon choi” ceremony on Friday, January 5!

Uncomfortable about actively pulling votes for himself, Kenneth prefers to leave it up to viewers, but hopes the dramas he has starred in – The Invisibles <隱形戰隊>, Speaker of the Law <法言人>, The Queen of News to Narcotics Heroes <破毒強人> in which he has only one scene, can all reap good results on Awards Day! “If I go away empty-handed I’ll be happy for others, if I win, they can be happy for me too,” he said.

James and Jinny Actively Campaign

Nominated for three awards – his best performance throughout 14 years at TVB, the boyish-looking James Ng hopes everyone can recognize the hard work he has put in, and specially brought along a life-sized pull-up banner to sway votes!

Similarly enthusiastic is Jinny, who won praise for her debut leading role in From Hong Kong to Beijing <香港人在北京>, who turned up wearing a campaign sash and distributed flyers, hoping to garner more public votes! “Because this is the first year (I’m nominated), I’ve no idea if it will be my last, so even though I’ve only a slim chance, I’ll still actively pull votes,”

The newbie actress shared that she will be voting for herself and onscreen partner Ruco Chan for the male lead race, “Because he’s a really good veteran, who taught me the ropes,” Asked if she is pressurized to be up against strong rival Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), the 31-year-old said, “Not at all, because there is no doubt, the winner’ll surely be her, I can simply enjoy the ceremony,” Having already prepared her outfit for the show, she teased that she will be showing off what she feels is her “best-looking” asset!

Jinny hopes to “unleash her comedic potential, keep up her passion & continue innovating”!

Actively sharing about his nominations, Ruco shared that he will surely be voting for Jinny, and reveals about having voted for her songs in the Best Drama Theme Song category previously. “Other than her character, Jinny is also a very cheerful person in real life,” he enthused, sharing that many of his friends had similarly praised her performance. “The company should give newbies opportunities sometimes, she’s also a newbie in acting, and of course I hope for my co-star to do well,” said Ruco, who hopes the hard work of the production team can be rewarded with a win in the “Best Drama” category!

Radiant in his post-wedding glow, Kenneth, who has been nominated for his role in The Queen of News <新聞女王>, shared that he and wife Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) had truly indulged themselves during festive Christmas season! As his own parents are already busy with grandchildren, while Roxanne’s parents who do not have any grandchildren have yet to broach the topic, he and Roxanne are currently content with being pawrents to their pet cat, while mindful about taking care of their health in preparation for parenthood.


Source: On.CC

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