Maggie Cheung and Ruco Chan Star in TVB Medical Drama, “Behind the Tower”

Twelve years after leaving TVB, Maggie Cheung (張可頤) will be returning to the station to film Behind The Tower <巨塔之后>. The drama will be produced by Chung Cheng (鍾澍佳) who is also the mastermind behind The Queen of News <新聞女王>. The pair had previously collaborated in Old Time Buddy <難兄難弟>, which was the first drama Chung Cheng had produced.

Winning Best Actress for her role in The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow <九五至尊>, Maggie’s last TVB drama was 2012’s The Last Steep Ascent <天梯>. In recent years, she filmed many movies including The Trough <低壓槽> and Rob N Roll <臨時劫案>.

TVB has always wanted to invite Maggie back to film a drama. After reviewing many scripts and persuaded by Chung Cheng’s sincerity, Maggie accepted Behind The Tower. A collaboration with Mainland Chinese platforms, the drama has a big budget. Maggie said, “I will fight for the opportunity to have my original voice in the Cantonese and Mandarin dubbing.”

Portraying a heart surgeon for the first time, Maggie is preparing by watching medical dramas from across the world. “I considered finding different heart surgeons and a related professional in the field to help me learn more about the surgeries, but it looks like I won’t have many surgery scenes in the drama.”

The male lead is Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), who plays the head of a multinational bank. Most of his scenes will be with Maggie, whom he worked with in Forensic Heroes III <法证先锋III >. Although he is not clear on all the details of his role, Ruco said it would also be nice to play a doctor, “Most of my recent roles were in action dramas. They’re physically taxing and the risk of getting hurt is high. However playing a doctor isn’t easy—I would have to memorize a lot of things and learn different techniques.”

Alice Chan (陳煒) will play the chairperson of a global investment company. Happy to join such a large-scale drama, Alice said, “I’ve never worked with Maggie before so I’m very excited. My character is an important role. She is very rich and will invest in the healthcare company.”

Kenny Chung (鍾鎮濤) will play the leader of the healthcare company. Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) will play his sons and are professional doctors as well. Jinny Ng (吳若希) and Moon Lau (劉佩玥) will play their wives and work as a child psychologist and a lawyer specializing in healthcare respectively.

Kenneth has not received official notice to join Behind The Tower yet, but he knows he will not be the lead. Excited at the possibility of working with Maggie and Jinny for the first time, Kenneth hopes they will find new chemistry.

The drama also stars Jonathan Cheung (張頴康) and Angel Chiang (蔣家旻) in supporting roles.

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  1. sounds like all the infighting hospital shows they’ve been making over the years. I thought it was going to be a period show.

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