Ruco Chan Celebrates Lunar Birthday, Welcomes More Children

(Above): Ruco’s wish is good health, world peace and only “good news on TV”.

Celebrating his 47th lunar birthday with his fans in Tsuen Wan, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) receives their well wishes that their idol can nab the coveted TV King award successfully this year!

Birthday Collides with TVB Awards Anniversary

With his actual birthday on upcoming January 14 – the same date of the anticipated TVB Awards Presentation, Ruco commented that working on his birthday will feel especially festive, and he can also spend it with his “onscreen wives”!

Asked if he has thought about winning the first TV King Greater Bay Area title – he is nominated for his role in From Hong Kong to Beijing<香港人在北京>, Ruco replied that his birthday wish is simply “good health for his family, world peace with no wars and that there be only good news on television”.

As he has been spending the festive season playing with daughter Quinta or “Little Piggy”(陳諾瑤) late into the night, Ruco shared that he has developed dark eye circles, and will have to re-adjust his body clock.

Asked again about plans for more children, Ruco replied, “How is one enough? It’ll be best to have a few more, (you) only realize how much fun kids bring, after becoming a parent, (I’d) love to have more have more but you also have to consider and factor in so many things, I haven’t asked my wife if she intends to stop (having kids), but recently she’s been actively exercising to stay slim”. Busy caring for Quinta, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) did not join Ruco at the celebrations.

Source: Mingpao

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