Ruco Chan Supportive of Phoebe’s New Venture

Producing her own series of homemade balms, natural soaps and aromatherapy products, Phoebe Sin’s (單文柔) new venture receives the support of her husband, actor Ruco Chan (陳展鵬)!

Natural Soap for Skin Conditions

Appearing at a Kowloon Tong mall’s pop-up event where the festive edition of her products were on display, Phoebe shared that her daughter Quinta (Little Piggy 小豬比) suffered from eczema flare-ups on her hands at ages 1 to 2. Despite seeking help from both western doctors and TCM therapists, the condition would always return again. Prompted to experiment with making her own soothing balms using Marigold extracts, Phoebe found that these not only improved her daughter’s eczema, but also proved effective for Ruco, when he developed psoriasis periodically from filming under high temperatures. Thus she decided to work with a studio for production and sold small quantities online via platforms hosted by Ruco’s fan club.

Although response has been positive, Phoebe confessed that starting her own business is something which has never crossed her mind, as she realized the enormity of the challenge – sharing that the production, packaging and logistics of the festive edition alone had posed a huge deal of stress due to the hiccups involved! Instead, her main motivation was that her products can help other kids and adults who encountered the same problems with eczema.

Asked about the finances, Phoebe sweetly replied that Ruco has been helping her out, as he quipped, “Of course I must lend her my support, just a modest amount. If it’s not sufficient, then it would have to come from the household allowance!” Ruco added that the two have been saving up all along, so the amount invested came from their shared savings.

Expressing encouragement for Phoebe to pursue her interests as a form of stress relief from parenting duties, Ruco said the key thing is that Phoebe enjoys what she does! When Phoebe suddenly blurted that she would like to try out acting, Ruco laughed and said that was fine too, as “being married should not mean restricting each other from individual pursuits”.

Trying for Baby No. 2? 

As Phoebe had made previous visits to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapists to boost her body constitution, netizens were curious if the couple were planning to give Quinta a sibling! Explaining that she grew much more aware about health after the arrival of Little Piggy, Phoebe admitted that they were starting to make preparations as “it’s easier to have kids too, when your health is in a good place”.

Receiving support from netizens for his Best Actor award nominations in the dramas Secret Door <隱門> and From Hong Kong to Beijing <香港人在北京>, Ruco expressed greater confidence in the latter, which he described as bringing fresh perspectives to an otherwise familiar topic, adding that what’s most important was not the wins, but that “everyone is happy” and “viewers enjoyed watching”.

As for his own transformation after marriage and starting a family, Ruco shared that he now has a stronger sense of ritual in everyday life, thanks to Little Piggy’s enthusiasm about various occasions in the calendar – she is the one in charge of their home’s festive décor this Christmas!

Source: HK01

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    1. @Dee, with the strikes with scriptwriters and actors, now finished (I think). You must be getting busier again, not that you were never busy before?

      1. Thank you @Hohliu In my personal case pandemics was huge down spiral plus my attempt to branch more in east Asia. Luckily I bounced back and my studio ended up with few new productions. It is good times again in deed!

  1. Joining the festive seasons greetings here too. Wishing everyone a better year ahead and may your wishes come true.

    1. @BearBear Good to hear from you!!! Hope all is well with yourself and you are enjoying this festive period. I better make my 2024 wishes soon…

      1. @Hohliu Glad to see familiar names around still which is one of the key reasons to make this place endearing. Hope your and everyone’s wishes will become a reality.
        Trying not to sound too negative during the festive season. Light at the end of my tunnel will not happen, it is as it is, this new norm.

      2. One of my best friend who is very active and sporty… fall down a flight of stairs after a blackout at a friend’s house over dinner early this year… It is unfortunate as the fall caused damage to his spinal cords. He is mentally very active and still have to think…but his had to learn to speak and eat/drink. The rest of his body is paralyse with no hope of recovery… he might be able to move one arm with lots of therapy but that will be his new norm.
        I will keep him company and help support him as much as I can…But I have to say, after all these months, he has learnt to accept, adapt and live this new norm. He is going back to work…thus not in person, he can still get work done using modern AI technology. He is actively joining in meetings at work and contributing productively all using his voice to type etc. His company want him to stay on with the same pay…which is a blessing. As he mind is still very valuable. And he is happy about it.
        I am not sharing this story to make any comparison. Just like to say, I do have some understanding how you might feel. Take care!!!

      3. @Hohliu There are no words to describe the terror your best friend must’ve went through when he had the accident. He’s so mentally strong, it’s amazing. I am in awe.

      4. @Hohliu your friend is mentally very strong not to give up and a blessing to have you around to be there for him.
        Don’t give up completely too if he pushes you away at times. It could be frustration or just the need for some (or a lot of) space to be left alone to sort things out.

      5. @BearBear @Coralie , I too am in awe by how he adapted to this sudden change. Tough in the beginning when he could not even talk…but slowly as begins to gain control over his speech and mind, it changed him. I think it helps with better AI technology, his biggest assets was his very intelligent mind, so he could get back to work in 5months. That must have given him self confidence.
        As for pushing friends away, it did happen… his partner who is my best friend too, was pushed away, being rude to and tried to break up with him. Both are a gay couple but they never got married. After counselling and with help from relationship therapist. Their relationship is even stronger then before and decide they are getting married next year.
        Tough journey for them both…so many big decisions making. To be honest, I dont think I would have done as well as them. I would not have accepted this norm less then a year…

      6. @Hohliu those closest (who are usually the caregiver too) often receive the harshest treatment and see the worst mood/behavior from the care recipient. The care recipient feels awful after each outburst but will not be able to control next round. Good that they work things out.
        I don’t know how I will fare, in fact don’t know how I am doing right now. If there’s a checklist, I have managed quite well in some areas in my situation but not so in others. Seen many who manage to get back to their usual self and life and while I have not personally witnessed those who are worse off, it’s something that I have read and heard. Don’t foresee getting back to my old self psychologically, only time will tell if i will spiral down or just be as it is.

  2. If only there’s an official thread where we can talk anything we want, from entertainment gossips not in the posted articles to any movie drama book we are following or just non related topics.
    Sometimes I wonder if it’s ok start talking something random here.

    1. We have a great moderator… If she does no agree to the chat. She will just delete the comments. We are not trolling random people to cause social unrest. but as she wrote in her heading, we are part of a community.

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