Jinny Ng Seduces Ruco Chan in “From Hong Kong to Beijing”

Given all the intense dramas actor Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) did this year, From Hong Kong to Beijing <香港人在北京> was just the light-hearted drama he needed to shake things up. The actor will be pairing up with singer and actress Jinny Ng (吳若希) in the latter’s first lead role in thirteen years of showbiz. The comedy will poke fun at the cultural differences and jokes Hong Kongers unwittingly make when they visit mainland China, including “Hong Kong-style Mandarin”!

Ruco Happy to Do Comedy

Delighted to finally have a chance to dabble in the comedy genre after two intense villainous performances in The Invisibles <隱形戰隊> and Secret Door <隱門> this year, Ruco shared, “This time I’ve many refreshing pairings with co-stars whom I’ve never worked with, there’re tangible “sparks” on set!” As for his challenge of presenting HK-accented Mandarin for his role this time, Ruco recounted how he indeed had a tough time understanding and speaking Mandarin when he filmed in China many, many years ago; ironically his “HK-style Mandarin” is not as “fluent” now as it used to be!

Ruco praised Jinny for being a “talented” performer.

Full of praise for his co-star and onscreen wife Jinny, Ruco shared, “She is a really talented singer and actress, in fact she performed better than me in a few areas.

Recalling a memorable scene where Jinny had to dress sexily to seduce him at home, Ruco said, “I’ve never seen this side of her, she handled it really well, I turned out to be the abashed (party)!”

Jinny Is Unafraid of Going All Out

Asked if she was nervous about her first lead role in 13 years, Jinny said, “Not at all, as I always treat my supporting roles as if they were a lead role,” As she knew that the drama was a light-hearted sitcom when she received her role, she kept on reminding herself that she should not have any “baggage” and would go all out, where required.

As both Jinny and Ruco were celebrity parents, Jinny was asked if they exchanged parenting pointers off set, to which she replied enthusiastically, “Ruco brought her daughter to China where we were filming, so I saw how Little Piggy (Ruco’s daughter Quinta) got along with dad and mom everyday, this made me miss my own (kids) very much, I was  carrying her all the time to ease my musings!”

Source: HK.On.CC

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