Intensity Builds as “Secret Door” Finale Airs on June 30

Secret Door’s <隱門> plot is intensifying as its finale will air on June 30.  Hoping their drama will push through to higher ratings, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) spoke about their filming experiences and what it took to get into character.

Mandy takes the spotlight as her character’s dark side is unveiled. The scene where she slaps Hugo Ng (吳岱融) 16 times is about to air. “I think I broke the record for slaps given by an actress to an actor. He told me to slap until I ran out of strength, and I really did it until my hand shook. The entire set was shocked! Hugo’s face was swollen afterwards and he needed to ice it. It seemed  Hugo enjoyed it, because he thinks it’s time that I represent the audience in releasing their frustrations!”

When asked if this is her most villainous role to-date Mandy replied, “I don’t think she is very evil–she was forced into this by her environment and had no choice.” Trying to immerse herself into character, Mandy often did not want to talk to anyone on set. At one point, she was worried that she would not be able to leave her character behind once filming wrapped up.

Ruco’s role was equally draining for him, as he fell sick after filming a fight scene with Hugo, “It’s been a long time since I filmed such a manly scene! It was really tough that day. It was cold and raining, and then we were under the sun for six hours…. We were fighting for our lives in the scene, so it was a great way to vent.”

With Mandy’s contract set to expire, the actress is said to be considering more outside opportunities. TVB xecutive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) has been pulling all stops to convince her to stay and even attended Mandy’s theater performances. Mandy expressed her gratitude, “Thanks to Ms. Lok. Many friends and industry seniors came to support me at the theater. I wouldn’t say she’s favoring me–she also likes Ruco!” Asked if Ms. Lok’s actions have convinced her to stay, Mandy vaguely replied, “The stage play has sapped all of my energy as I was under a lot of pressure. Let me rest first, and then I’ll think about my future.”

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  1. Hugo ngs acting is superb. You kinda end up liking him for being such badass villain.

  2. It’s a very well written character, and I must say Mandy played it very, very well. Very big chance to nail best actress on this series. Huge Ng was hyper convincing as a villain too, one of the best in recent years. Only one I can think of that is equally or better was Stephen Ho’s villain in Destination Nowhere.

    Unfortunately I think the ending was cut short. It needed some 10-20minutes more to tie up loose ends here and there instead of time skipping 10 years and just show them in front of Luna’s grave with very minimal dialogue. Dawn didn’t even get into the finale scene lol, kinda sad. Ching Ching’s grandma as well.

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