Mandy Wong is More Relaxed Since Leaving TVB

Since leaving TVB last year, Mandy Wong (黃智雯) has signed with Supreme Art Entertainment, which also represents Athena Chu (朱茵) and Ada Choi (蔡少芬). To maintain work-life balance in the long run, she has learned to slow down and focus on her physical and mental health.

After watching YOLO <熱辣滾燙>, Mandy was inspired by Jia Ling (賈玲) who lost over 100 pounds to play the role. Mandy hopes one day she will be offered a role where no one can recognize that she is the actress behind the character. Open to spending a long time in training and taking on solo roles in theater, she said, “The best part about being an actor is that you can use a short amount of time to live a life that is not yours.”

In the past year, Mandy has been focusing on diversifying her acting portfolio, moving on from her usual white-collar professional roles to softer, more feminine roles like her character in In Bed With A Stranger <再見.枕邊人> where she plays a woman suffering from amnesia. Although it was a difficult role to play, Mandy was happy for the exciting challenge.

In Bed With a Stranger was her last drama before leaving TVB, and many have felt the station owed Mandy a Best Actress award. “There are many factors that play into winning an award. As an actor you can only do your best with the work that is in front of you. It’s too negative to feel like you’re owed something. It’s better to put that energy into working hard and performing well.”

Since leaving, she has felt a sense of freedom “after making such a big life decision.” Mandy said, “I have nothing left to worry about or be scared to face!” Mandy got married last year and thanked her husband for being the biggest supporter towards her career. “Now I have more time to think about my family and home. In the past, I would go home, shower and immediately have to leave. Having a warm home is the right path.” As for plans for children, she would leave it to fate as she was not the type of person to plan that far ahead.”

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