Mandy Wong Honeymoons in England

Surprising everyone with her marriage announcement on October 5, Mandy Wong Chi-man (黃智雯) is enjoying her honeymoon in England!

Introduced by Myolie Wu

Tying the knot with her boyfriend of 11 years Anthony (詹文天), Mandy shared simple but sweet photos of the pair and described herself as a lucky girl on her Instagram. Keeping a low profile when it comes to her relationship all along since Anthony did not belong to showbiz, Mandy revealed that both of them preferred a no-frills wedding style, and were hence grateful to be able to fulfil their plans of a destination wedding this year!

The two had been matchmade by “Nonsense” Club <胡说八道> founding member, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). Previously in the jewellery line, it is understood that Anthony has switched to an insurance managerial role. In her first post since her wedding update, Mandy shared photos taken off the streets of England from “hubby’s perspective”, where she was dressed in knitted white top and matching beret, gazing back with the newly married glow. Sharing that it was fall season, she looked radiant in light makeup and enjoyed a leisurely time visiting cafes.

Capping off an eventful year
Completing filming for Secret Door <隱門> in May involving several challenging scenes with her abusive onscreen dad played by Hugo Ng (吳岱融), Mandy also delved into theater, where she was cast in an intense stage play in June. The 40-year-old will be performing alongside her “Nonsense Club” sisters in a ticketed show towards the end of the year!

Members of the “Nonsense Club” who will be holding an upcoming ticketed performance in December.








Source: Topick! , Mingpao

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