Stephy Tang Has Pivotal Scenes in “The Last Cook”

Starring actresses Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) among its cast members, food-centric costume drama The Last Cook <末代廚娘> is finally confirmed to air May 27, after years of being delayed since filming wrapped back in 2019.

Set in the final years of the Qing dynasty period, the awaited project is Stephy’s first Qing dynasty drama. Dropping its first trailer in 2020 and rumored to premiere a few times, things came to naught, until the recent release of the latest teaser trailer.

Another highlight for viewers is the fact that The Last Cook unites the three veteran leads in acclaimed series The Eloquent Ji Xiaolan <鐵齒銅牙紀曉嵐> – namely Wang Gang, (王剛) Zhang Tielin (張鐵林) and Zhang Guoli (張國立) – with the former two taking onscreen roles, and Zhang Guoli helming the show behind-the-scenes as main director.

(Above, left) Myolie had filmed the drama while pregnant with no. 2, Ryan. 

The many face-off scenes between Myolie’s character, Ronghui with actress Zeng Li’s (曾黎) Duan Kang looks to be another highlight for viewers, with no lack of cunning and manipulation.

Stephy’s Supporting Role Offers Room for Maneuver

Though Stephy is only a supporting lead, she too will have plenty of chances to showcase her acting prowess as ranked palace maid Shou Xi. Her character Shou Xi is pivotal in one of the drama’s key scenes, where she is accused of stealing a national treasure from the palace.

The Last Cook tells the story of Rong’er (Hai Lu 海陸), a commoner who by chance comes upon the opportunity to serve in the palace as a lady-in-waiting and is later acknowledged for her culinary skills, in the process getting to know imperial guard Li Qi (Ji Lingchen 纪凌尘), the two later joining forces to recover the national treasure.

Watch Teaser Trailer for “The Last Cook”:

Source: HK01

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