Sun Li and Myolie Wu Reunite in “Thirty-Nine Twenty-Eight”

Leaving TVB in 2015, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) has since shifted her career focus to the Chinese market. Although many struggle to transition, Myolie found her big break in 2017 after landing a role opposite Sun Li (孫儷) in Nothing Gold Can Stay (那年花开月正圆).

Seven years after their first collaboration, Myolie and Sun Li will reunite again on screen in Thirty-Nine Twenty-Eight (三十九二十八). Recently, the cast and crew attended the drama’s opening ceremony. Leads Sun Li, Dong Zijian (董子健), and Myolie were in attendance as well. Netizens noted Sun Li and Myolie’s drastically different personas for the camera. While Sun Li appeared cold and wore sunglasses, Myolie was all smiles. Many suspect they may be taking on the personas of their characters as a promotional tactic.

Taking place in modern times, the slice-of-life drama follows Hu Manli (Sun Li), a 39-year-old insurance agent, who suddenly faces a 180-degree change in her career and love life. At the peak of her life, Hu Manli faces obstacles and failures on both fronts, which turns out to have been caused by 28-year-old Xue Xiaozhou (Dong Zijian). After getting to know each other, the two gradually resolve their misunderstanding and appreciate one another, eventually improving their insurance business as well.

Sun Li wrote on her Weibo, “Today is the opening ceremony for Thirty-Nine Twenty-Eight. Earlier, I kept asking the director how he would classify the series. Is it a slice-of-life drama or a series about work and career? The director said it’s difficult to define in a single word. Later, I began to understand that life and work are intertwined and inseparable. The drama represents people in two age groups who face issues differently even when they encounter the same situations. The way they react will depict different values and priorities. For my character Hu Manli, who is 39 years old, life is no longer simply black and white. Through this drama, I hope everyone can rediscover their true purposes and meaning in life that may have been lost.”

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  1. I have always liked Sun Li. Looking forward to this new drama. I have watched “I will find you a better home” soooooo many times. Her acting is super, natural & wow she can sure eat. Love her energy . Pls. keep us posted on her new work of art.

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