Myolie Wu Share Stories of Her Marriage and Motherhood

For Mother’s Day, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) sat in for an interview to share her motherhood experience while juggling her career as an actress. Although Myolie feels fulfilled as a mother of three and as a successful actress, Myolie reveals that she would never had envisioned this being her life.

Finding a Perfect Partner

Myolie gives details on her family life, “I can only be grateful. Am I career driven or family oriented? I take whatever life gets me. I met Phillip Lee by chance, but I didn’t expect to have a family and a career at the same time. In fact, it is easier to date as an artist but it is difficult to find a partner. That’s because the other half has to understand their work and withstand public opinion. Some people get scared.”

Myolie continued, “I’m fortunate that I found a bold husband and I thank him for daring to marry me. I like that he is honest. That year, he was 41-years-old and I was 35-years-old, and he told me he was looking for a life partner. He is not a smooth talker. I think he is sincere. He didn’t have a wife and I didn’t have a husband. Everything developed naturally.”

The couple dated for three month before Philip proposed and Myolie provided details of how it happened, “One time he asked me for dinner after work. I took off my contact lenses and put on my glasses because my eyes were tired. He saw me and asked a very weird question, ‘Can you see with these glasses?’ Of course, I could see! Back at this house, he showed me a small toy that had a slideshow of our pictures. In the last picture, there was a picture of a diamond ring and he took out a small bag. Inside were grains of rice and a diamond ring was hidden in there!”

Myolie shared that she was surprised by the gesture, “I didn’t wear makeup at the time and I didn’t expect him to kneel down and propose to me at that moment. He asked me if I could be his ‘wife-chef’ and I immediately agreed. We got married in 2015. We went on a Honeymoon that lasted longer than 70 days and travelled to 12 cities.

Myolie continued to work after marriage and became pregnant shortly after, “I didn’t think the opportunity to film Nothing Gold Can Stay <那年花開月正圓> would come up and then subsequently I agreed to Phillip’s idea of starting a family. We luckily succeeded after the first try.”

Myolie’s Delivery Stories

For her first pregnancy, Myolie had to be careful while she continued to work, “I was going to Wuxi to film and I was about one or two months pregnant. Only the director knew at the time and I had to be careful. In the last scene, I had to fight with Sun Li (孫儷) and I had to lie on the floor and commit suicide. I told her that I was pregnant and she was happy and surprised. I also spoke with my baby, ‘Mommy is just filming; it’s all fake. You have to be obedient. Don’t come out now!’

Myolie revealed that she had a very different birthing experience for each of her three sons, “My eldest son weighed 7.7 pounds. I wanted to have a natural birth. When the water broke, I didn’t feel any pain while at the hospital and I asked the doctor if I was in pain without knowing it. After a few hours, I felt the pain. It was the kind of pain that I wanted to smack my husband just by looking at him. I grabbed my hair and pinched his arm with my fingers. The pain lasted for four hours. I pushed hard for 50 minutes. I was so happy when he came out.”

By the time Myolie was having her second pregnancy, she opted for a pain-free delivery. Although Myolie avoided potato chips and chocolate in her first pregnancy, she indulged in the snacks and gained more than 40 pounds, “When I was pregnant, I fell in love with ice cream, starch, beef and went crazy. The baby was too big and the delivery was a little difficult. I asked to stand up because it would be more comfortable. In the end, I pushed hard for an hour.”

Juggling Between Being an Actress, Mother and Wife

In recent years, Myolie has participated in many Mainland series and even took home the Best Actor Awards in Everybody Stand By 2 <演員請就位 2>. Myolie shared how her acting changed since becoming a mother, “I played a single and an alcoholic mother whose son died in a traffic accident… When I saw my son’s room, I couldn’t help but think about the plot and feel emotional. Maybe because I became a mother, that feeling helps me explode emotionally.”

Although Myolie has many job opportunities, the actress would take her children with her so she can spend more time with them, My husband is a loving father who holds and plays with his children. After having children, it is inevitable that there will be less time for my husband. I agree completely with him that we can’t always put our children first in our family. A couple should also put each other first. If we are good, the children will naturally be fine.”

When ask if Myolie would be trying for a girl, she responded, “Mother-in-law and my husband likes girls, but I dare not say. I am getting old and it would depend on the situation.”

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