Did Prince Chiu Cheat on Stephy Tang?

When Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) and Prince Chiu (邱勝翊) ended their three-year relationship last year, it seemed like an amicable split as she had praised his good character. However, recent rumors surfaced that Prince may have cheated on Stephy with Puff Kuo (郭雪芙).

Prince and Puff reportedly developed real feelings after collaborating in Lost in Forest <山中森林> and having many passionate kiss scenes. Paparazzi also caught Prince visiting Puff’s home late at night. The pair responded to the media and stressed that they were good friends. However, a source disclosed that Prince and Puff were secretly seeing each other while he was still dating Stephy, and that Puff had a previous history of being a third wheel.

With a long string of romantic rumors, Prince was also said to have been cheating on Stephy with his stylist Yako Chan (詹子晴). Stephy had defended him at the time clarifying that he had not cheated on her. On the other hand when Prince and Puff’s cheating rumors came out, Stephy stated she would let him respond to the press.

Prince and Puff are Suspiciously Close

A reader reached out to the press and shared a social media account focused on exposing celebrity gossip. The account had shared many of Prince and Puff’s social media stories and posts piecing together a timeline when the pair often secretly met to eat dinner, watch movies, and attend acting classes while Prince was still dating Stephy.

The reader also pointed out that Prince is the only celebrity that is following Puff’s twin sister’s social media account. The source even posted a short clip of Puff and Prince going to a restaurant with their families.

Although the pair previously shared that they are close because they have known each other for over 10 years and have many common friends, the source stated that Prince has been actively introducing Puff to his celebrity and non-celebrity friends since last year.

On the day that Prince and Stephy officially announced their breakup on social media, Puff also posted about letting go of things that do not spark joy and leaving only those that make your heart beat. Netizens suspect that this was referring to Prince “letting go” of Stephy for her!

Prince Still Cares for Stephy?

Although Prince is already secretly dating Puff, he still seems to care for Stephy. Every time she posts on social media, he will like it immediately. On the first Chinese Valentine’s Day after their breakup, he sang a sad ballad and shared some photos from his vacation to Japan with Stephy. Afterward, he covered Rene Liu’s (劉若英) Later <後來>, in which the lyrics speak about finally learning how to love but their lover has already left. In light of the current gossip, Prince’s actions are seen as ingenuine.

Prince’s manager responded to the press stating that Prince and Puff are currently good friends which they had clarified this many times before. The pair had only become closer due to filming a movie together.

Currently overseas, Stephy expressed that she had no comment to the news.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sometimes relationship can run its course…both Chiu and Stephy were living apart due to pandemic… and it has clearly cause a toll on the relationship. Not everyone can due to long distance relationship maturely and steadfast…. one may feel lonely and make wrong decisions on how to deal with the loneliness…

    It is a shame Chiu and Stephy relationship ended….but both did not get married or even have kids… thus both are better off apart now. I do hope Stephy finds a good person who will suit her.

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