Celebrities Making Dough With Their Food and Beverage Businesses

In recent years, many celebrities waddled into the foodie scene and established successful food and beverage businesses on the side. Choosing Hong Kong as the birthplace of their investments, fellow artistes from Hong Kong and Taiwan are seeing the benefits of owning an establishment in such a populated city, acclaimed for its dynamic cuisines. Below are several stars who joined Hong Kong’s buzzing F&B sector.

Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣)

Hong Kong singer-actress Stephy has grown her Taiwanese drink franchise, 1011 Sip Tea, exponentially since launching in Taiwan. Not only has she brought her “Crema Cheese” drinks and fruit teas to Hong Kong and Malaysia, but also Toronto and San Francisco. 1011 Sip Tea’s signature products, made with organic ingredients that have beauty and health benefits, include the lavender and wolfberry fruit tea, the kiwi and white fungus fruit tea, and the lemon honey and chia seeds tea.

Yako Chan (丫頭)

Hailing from Taiwan, the birthplace of bubble tea, singer-actress Yako also has a bubble tea shop, Space Between Daily Tea Time By Don’t Yell at Me, in Hong Kong. Aside from serving tea-based drinks and cold brews, the shop also sells bread. There are two branches, and both offer seating perfect for a quick afternoon tea.

Moses Chan (陳豪)

The Hong Kong actor and coffee aficionado established his coffee shop Blooms Coffee last year. With a gold and rustic white theme, his coffee shop has an open concept so that his customers can watch the coffee-brewing process. Among the extensive menu of coffee and tea, their signature drink is the toasted marshmallow latte. If you are lucky, you might even get a drink crafted by Moses himself!

Aside from Blooms Coffee, Moses chipped in to start a dessert shop, Auntie Sweet, with a few other TVB artists and producers. They are known for their fresh mango desserts and their fresh-to-order tofu pudding served in a wooden barrel.

Kirby Lam (林秀怡)

TVB artist Kirby partnered with her good friend to open FooDo, a small Western-inspired restaurant. What makes their restaurant unique is that the pizza dough and pasta are made from scratch each day. Their signature dish is the Carbonara pasta, which is topped with a raw Japanese egg and accompanied by homemade bacon.

Sharon Chan (陳敏之)

Hong Kong actress Sharon’s Blesscuit is a bakery featuring fresh cookies with unique flavors, including truffle and anchovy, which happen to be the best sellers! She insists on using French butter and wheat flour to create her cookies and making them fresh daily.

Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒)

Nicholas, also known as Chef LeMon, has created many unique products from noodles to moon cakes and cookies. His cookie brand, Chef Nic Cookies, has been doing so well that he started selling it in Taiwan in addition to Hong Kong. His cookies offer a distinctive taste as out-of-the-ordinary ingredients like Sichuan red peppers and Italian prosciutto are included, making his products different from others.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com

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