TVB Stars Improve Mandarin for Livestream Selling

Since the beginning of the year, TVB has been collaborating with Taobao in livestream selling sessions with great success. Known for their lively personalities, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) have proven to be especially effective in the marathon-selling sessions, racking up sales of 83 million Chinese yuan in twelve hours. Other TVB stars who have appeared in live selling include Moses Chan (陳豪) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明), whose segment featured a Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄> theme to attract viewers.

While the addition of TVB artistes to Taobao’s livestream selling platform has been well received, many netizens expressed they are unable to understand Cantonese. Thus Taobao requested all livestream artistes to improve their Mandarin and even shared a clip of Kenneth practicing. The results were unintentionally humorous as he continued to pronounce Yoyo and Sharon’s names with a Cantonese accent. Many netizens praised TVB artistes for their professionalism, while some shared they do not mind listening to Cantonese and reading subtitles.

In a recent live selling session, Sharon reunited with Yoyo while Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) guest starred. The live selling took place from noon until midnight. On partnering with Lai Lok Yi, Sharon said, “We’ve worked together many times on variety programs, but it’s our first time in live selling. We’re pretty compatible. His Mandarin is very funny, so we had to accommodate him.”

With Double 11 or Single’s Day Online Shopping Festival as the biggest sales event for the year, Sharon looks forward to it next month. “We hope to create great results and pull explosive sales then.”

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  1. When yoyo chen speaks Mandarin, she not only sounds natural, but more sweet than when she’s speaking Cantonese.

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