Sharon Chan Gets Another Chance

Sharon will co-host a cooking show with old pal Lai Lok Yi.

Sharon Chan (陳敏之) was targeted by Mainland Chinese netizens for sharing a politically tinted post on social media, which caused her to be dropped from her role in Flying Tiger 3 <飛虎3之壯志英雄>. Originally present at the opening ceremony, she later lost her role as Eddie Cheung’s (張兆輝) wife to Alice Chan (陳煒). Two months have since passed, and Sharon is given a chance to host a culinary program alongside Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), another TVB artiste who enjoys cooking.

For upcoming show Tonight’s Dinner Guest <今晚請客> which will premiere in November, Sharon will be cooking simple recipes popular with children, and also team up with Lok Yi to prepare various enticing homemade dishes. Interestingly, the production team has also arranged for Alice Chan as a guest star to share two of her dishes.

Expressing her enthusiasm about hosting the new program, Sharon exclaimed, “We don’t have to film overnight for this show and the hours aren’t long. Since the format of the show is preparing and eating food, I really look forward to it!” The filming hours would be a great fit for Sharon, who has a three-year-old son.

Praises Co-host’s Legit Cooking 

Often sharing delicious photos of his culinary creations on Instagram, Lok Yi is dubbed as “pandemic culinary genius.” When he stepped out earlier, Lok Yi was even mistaken as Ben Li (李錦聯), a TV food program presenter.

As Lok Yi is tasked with cooking on the show, Sharon will only need to help out with preparatory cutting and chopping of ingredients. Asked if there are any challenges, Sharon shared, “I helped out in the kitchen when I was young and my skills are pretty good, so I should be able to accomplish the tasks.”

Friends for many years, they have great chemistry together.  Sharon was impressed with Lok Yi’s cooking when they were working together in travelogue Walking with You <仨心友行>. “He had prepared a plate of fried rice for us using limited ingredients then, and his cooking really resembles that of experienced chefs!” said Sharon, who looks forward to trying more of his cooking again.


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  1. If I would use emojis here there would be ten rolling eyes emojis.

    She never said anything political. It was SO minor but when in TVB’s eyes that is worse that someone drinking and driving. So stupid.

    I don’t care that Alice replaced her, Alice is a better actress but it’s just so dumb lol.

    1. @tt23 yeah wt so drunk driving is okay per chinese netizens… But showing some compassion = treason. Talk about moving the goal post.

    2. @tt23 Unfortunately, TVB has to appease the Chinese netizens so badly that even if Sharon’s post was hardly political, they had to prioritize the bunch of illogical imbeciles. It is a stupid move because let’s face it, those idiotic netizens can get triggered over anything and they simply lack rationality. Trying to continuously appease a gang of bullies with mental issues is simply suicidal in the long run.

      1. @rika so true! A bunch of bullies with mental issues and with TVB bowing to them, it makes them think they are God with the power to make or kill a budding artiste!

  2. She should keep her dignity and tell TVB to stick her”second chance” up communie China’s a$$ (that they love kissing). Seeing what she’s being offered… another sequel to their dull cop franchise or their long in the tooth product placement commercial/sitcom, she’s not missing out.

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