Sharon Chan’s Eating Disorder After Losing Her Father

Steven Ma (馬浚偉) recently invited Sharon Chan (陳敏之), who shares the same faith as him, onto his talk show, Coffee, You & Me 2 <緣來自咖啡 2>. During this episode, she revealed the peak of her modeling career was when she became Japanese musician Tetsuya Komuro‘s apprentice and recorded a song in Hawaii. However, she also disclosed the low point in her life was when her father lost his fight with lung cancer in 2003, which led to her severe weight loss.

Sharon suffered from depression and anorexia after the death of her father. Standing at five feet eight inches tall, she only weighed a little over 90 pounds due to her eating disorder. She recalled, “After my father passed away, I wanted to die too because I would just end up in heaven anyway. I didn’t have the will to live as I only wanted to see him. During that time, I didn’t have my husband or son yet. I knew I couldn’t leave my mother behind, but I really wanted to go. Every day, I would only drink one sip of water.”

Seeing Sharon in this state, her mother brought her to a church where the pastor’s words ended up transforming her completely. She felt so comfortable and reassured after the visit and knew she needed to make some changes in her life. She convinced her mother to sell their house because it reminded them of her father too much, and then they bought a new place.

“Even though it was expensive, I told my mother it was fine as long as we work hard together,” Sharon said. “It was difficult because I didn’t have money to pay the mortgage. I was contributing the bigger portion while my mother paid less, but luckily TVB helped a lot. In less than half a year, I was able to take care of the mortgage all by myself, which shows that hard work does pay off.”

Though her career is very important to her, Sharon shared the importance of balancing work and family. She said she puts her family first because she does not want to miss watching her four-year-old son grow up. Even though she has a domestic helper at home, she still likes to bring her son to and fro school every day.

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