Kenneth Ma Envisions Having Kids with Roxanne Tong

Above: (Left) The duo became friends after co-starring in Mind Hunter <心理追兇>; (right) going high-profile on social media.

Dating for two years plus, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong‘s (湯洛雯) romance has been high on the radar of tabloids, press and fans. Just recently, he readily admitted to co-habiting with his girlfriend at her Ma On Shan property, after an eagle-eyed reporter asked him about what looked like cat fur on his shirt!

Filming with “Beautiful” Co-stars
Spilling more juicy nuggets on Sharon Chan‘s (陳敏之) video talkshow recently, Kenneth shared how he feels that Roxanne and his differing temperaments complement well, for instance she is someone who likes to plan ahead, while he is much more carefree and does not believe in too much planning.

Sharing that he has never experienced “love at first sight”, he said, “When we film dramas, wa! There’re (so many) beautiful women, every one of them (is gorgeous)! But after completing filming…” Kenneth put his head down and sniggered, hinting that his opinion of some of his female co-stars would radically alter after getting to know them better through work.

Roxanne is a “Blur Queen”
Asked by Sharon if Roxanne is “good wife material”, Kenneth smiled the more sweetly and replied, “She is very blur, and is always losing her stuff…like documents (and whatnot)…I’m tidier, and will always keep important letters,” Already thinking of starting a family with Roxanne, he volunteered, “I’d always say (to her), ‘if we have kids someday, you’ll lose all their exam certificates and even their birth papers,’” Showing his thoughtful side, he adds, “I’m also worried about her, sometimes she’d fall even when just walking on the streets, we’d discuss this, if someday she becomes pregnant, if it happens, (you’d be afraid she might fall) yeah, I wouldn’t know (what) to do,”

Words to His Future Children

On a more serious note, the 48-year-old said that if he has kids in future, he would not burden them with expectations that they be highly accomplished, but just hopes they can “live simply, happily, healthily”, and most importantly have a “caring, empathetic personality”. Prompted by Sharon to share some words to his future child, Kenneth said that he hopes they can live a life of pursuing their interests and passion, be it in swimming or painting or love of animals, rather than to blindly take up financially rewarding professions, just for the sake of chasing money. Praising Roxanne’s vivacious personality, he intuitively feels that his children would resemble her in that sense.

As for his idea of the “perfect wedding”, Kenneth shared that he would love to have a simple ceremony by the beach overseas! Having mutually met with their respective in-laws, Roxanne is well-liked by Kenneth’s mother, while Kenneth has also won Roxanne’s dad over with his politeness and down-to-earth personality – that day would probably not be too far away.

Source: HK01, Top Beauty HK

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