Kenneth Ma Admits to Living with Roxanne Tong

Dating for two years, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong’s (湯洛雯) relationship has advanced one step closer to marriage! Kenneth accidentally leaked that they are currently living together, and he has grown into a cat lover after being influenced by Roxanne.

While promoting The Big White Duel 2 <白色強人II >, Kenneth happily chatted with the press over the drama’s good ratings in Hong Kong despite its completed run on streaming platforms in China earlier.

When reporters joked that this is his “home court,” hinting at his cohabitation with Roxanne near the promotional event location, Kenneth tried to laugh it off at first. Eagle eyed reporters noticed that he had cat fur all over his clothes and asked if the couple is currently living together. “Yes, sort of,” the actor admitted that he and Roxanne had rented an apartment together in Tseung Kwan O. “I stay there when I’m filming dramas back to back. I’m also worried about  getting COVID-19 and spreading it to my family, so it feels safer to live separately.”

Living together has resulted in more cozy moments for the couple, even turning Kenneth into a cat lover! “The cats follow me to the bathroom, and they’ll lay next to us when we’re watching TV. The cats are actually a couple who originally came from different families. The male is about 1 year old, and the female is only several months old.” He added that Roxanne will soon be travelling to Australia for two weeks, so he will be taking care of her cats then.

When asked if Kenneth had recently turned down filming a drama because of his intention to get married, he clarified again that he did not decline the filming offer, but is rather taking advantage of opportunities to earn money at promotional events during the local broadcast of Big White Duel 2. When the couple is ready to announce good news, Kenneth promised to share it with everyone.


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  1. Great couple!! Happy for them. Welcome to Cat world!! I love dogs but cats suits my lifestyle more…living in a expensive City, I dont have space nor enough time to walk the dogs… my cats just like to sleep most part of the day..

    1. I used to dislike cats due to childhood experience, but since most of the friends I meet love cats, I’ve also become a cat lover. Their facial expressions are so humane sometimes

      1. One of my cat is very animated… Cute, pancake face(my rude hubby calls her)!!! the other just look good like a super model but not much facial expression…Just look so beautiful, long and leggy with soft white fur.

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