Sharon Chan Launches Skincare Line

An enthusiastic entrepreneur, Sharon Chan (陳敏之), 43,  is slowly reducing her screen time. Appearing in ICAC Investigators 2022 <廉政⾏動2022> and Against Darkness <黯夜守護者> this year, Sharon intends to focus more on her new business venture after dropping a seven-figure investment.

In 2014, Sharon launched her own cookie business which is now thriving. She has been able to hand off a lot of the duties to her business partner. Taking the lessons she has learned from her first venture, Sharon is confident the timing is perfect for her new skincare label despite the recent economic downturn.

Entering the beauty world has been Sharon’s dream for many years. SHAGIC is a combination of her name Sharon and the word magic. “I want people to find magic through my brand, with my products making them both beautiful and confident. The brand name was actually conceived by my brother, his girlfriend, my husband and I. My brother is in marketing, and he said that I should retain some sort of element of my own name. He advised that I shouldn’t start my first business without my own name. I want people to think of me when they want to become beautiful.”

Agreeing that products aimed at women are highly lucrative, Sharon believes the most important thing for  small business owners is to ensure excellent product quality. Once business grows in the future, she will consider expanding into mass production.

Always a Balancing Act

Working at TVB for over 20 years, Sharon’s contract has not ended yet. She will still be partaking in various shows and programs. Due to her good relationship with TVB, the station can accommodate Sharon’s schedule in running her new business.

Between balancing family and career, Sharon  said, “My in-laws think I’m superwoman, and my mom is worried about my health!” However, Sharon believes it is important to pursue her dreams while she “still has the energy” and wants to build the business for her son to manage one day.

Starting a new business is physically draining, but soul satisfying. “Filming and acting can be done anytime but if I lose this fire for my business, it’ll be hard to gain back….I only sleep for a couple of hours and I would start working after dropping off my son at school. I would eat dinner with different work partners as well. When I finally go home, it’s ‘Me Time’ – I would shower and then watch some TV with my husband. That’s also the time when I can finally play the role of a wife.”

Although her husband William Lui is a successful businessman, Sharon invested in SHAGIC herself. “He loves me very much, and would support me despite worrying about my wellbeing. He understands the hardships of starting a business, especially during the initial stages when everything is slow and has to be done by myself.”

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