Moses and Aimee Chan Bid Goodbye to “Romeo and His Butterfly Lover”

The cast of Romeo and His Butterfly Lover <羅密歐與祝英合> congregated on November 17 to enjoy the final episode. Moses Chan (陳豪), Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), Kalok Chow (周嘉洛), Kayan Yau (游嘉欣), and Timothy Tse (鄭子誠) watched the finale with attendees at a mall promotional event.

As Romeo and His Butterfly Lover was Aimee’s comeback after nearly a decade-long hiatus, the mother-of-three expressed reluctance in seeing the drama come to an end. “We spent almost six months filming this drama. Throughout the journey, we experienced many challenges. We also spent a lot of time preparing for our roles. Our efforts made me think of the classic saying ‘a one-minute performance on stage equates to ten years of hard work off stage.’”

On working with Aimee again, Moses shared his sentiments, “Honestly, we don’t collaborate onscreen much and we’re not sure if there will be another opportunity for us to do so either.”

Although they are known to be a loving couple in real life, Aimee and Moses expressed their desire to work separately. “We’re actors. When we work, we want to act and not be ourselves. As a married couple, we’re too familiar with each other. Fortunately, our roles in this drama are  drastically different from how we are in real life.  It’s a more mature love.”

Sharing their children have kept up with Romeo and His Butterfly Lover and are loyal fans, Aimee “They like to watch with subtitles and they often give a lot of  comments. They’ll say things like ‘this person is so bad! They’re hitting Dad!’ I  spend a lot of time explaining and end up not paying attention to the episode.” On whether her children are negatively impacted by what they saw in the plot, Aimee reassured they are fine and the children “are very interested in creative arts and want me to teach them how to cry on cue.”

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