Aimee and Moses Chan Celebrate 11 Years of Marriage

Travelling to South Korea for two consecutive years, Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) were spotted by fans while on vacation, but Aimee’s sharing of their recent K-style portraits got netizens exclaiming that the airbrush effects made them almost “unrecognizable”!

Aimee: we are always photobombed by kids

Jumping on the global Hallyu, the celebrity couple had travelled to South Korea in March 2023. Moses and Aimee also made use of the chance to roam around Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul for photo opportunities against its restored traditional Korean houses, and shared beautiful photos on social media.

Celebrating their eleventh anniversary on June 11 this year, they once again traveled to South Korea but this time took photos at a studio instead, dressed in couple outfits and gazing at each other sweetly.

However, the set of images evoked fervent discussions as netizens pointed out that Moses especially, looked nothing like his usual self after the typical “Korean-style” treatment left him with fair-skin, Oppa-styled hair, and eyebags which were gone. “Moses is looking a little weird😂”, “the photos are overly photoshopped, sometimes they make you look really plastic in Korea”, read some comments, while others simply pointed out that “original” Aimee and Moses looked way better and needed no further touch-up!

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