Aimee and Moses Chan on What It Takes to Sustain a Happy Marriage

One of the most loving celebrity couples, Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) know what it takes to sustain a happy marriage. Falling in love on the set of Master of Play <心戰>, they tied the knot in 2013 and now form a family of five, with two sons and one daughter.

The couple previously admitted to adoring children and wanting a big family. In the latest episode of Carina Lau’s (劉嘉玲) talk show, the couple was asked if they want to have a fourth child. Aimee expressed, “We’ve thought about it. However, I am the one who helps with all the children’s homework. It is really tiring.” With this thought, the 43-year-old decided against the idea.

Being an involved parent takes even more time. Moses added, “Sometimes, they would show interest in different hobbies, like Taekwondo. To properly foster their interest and teach them along the way, Aimee would take lessons and learn alongside them too.”

Carina asked how Moses and Aimee maintain love and passion in their marriage. The couple agreed showing acts of love is very important. Aimee began, “I believe it’s important to tell the other person you love them every day. Openly say sweet things to each other and don’t hide that away.” Moses agreed and added, “You have to both love and like each other. That is how a family is filled with love. When there is love, children will grow up with smiles and laughter that is truly full of brightness.”

When Aimee got married and became a mother, she was only 32 years old. Many felt it was a waste of her prime years to take such a long hiatus from acting to fully take care of her children. Aimee has no regrets about her decision. “Perhaps many people feel like I sacrificed a lot in my career. This was a sacrifice I chose. In life, there are many choices and many times where you will have to make a decision. You need to decide to sacrifice one thing to gain something else. I chose my family. Sometimes, you can’t have the best of both worlds.”

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