Aimee Chan and Moses Chan’s Journey of Love

The entertainment world is abuzz with blessings for Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and Moses Chan (陳豪), who announced their marriage on June 12 via Weibo. Thirty-two-year-old Aimee and 42-year-old Moses have been crowned as one of TVB’s golden couples since announcing their relationship in 2011. Despite all the media attention surrounding their courtship, Aimee and Moses managed to keep a relatively low profile throughout the two years they spent together. Whenever the public is allowed a glimpse, Aimee and Moses always appeared deeply in love and lifted by genuine trust and admiration.

Moses just came out of a 6-year relationship with former flame Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) at the end of 2010 when he met and fell in love with his future wife. The two were invited to film TVB’s Master of Play <心戰> and chemistry sparked off-screen. Rumors soon spread about their budding romance, and in March of 2011, Moses publicly admitted to pursuing Aimee. On April 1, Aimee’s 30th birthday, the actress was caught leaving to spend the night at Moses’s residence. Aimee was shocked to discover reporters and quickly returned home to avoid being questioned. In August of the same year, reporters spotted the lovebirds moving into the private housing estate Bellagio, located in Tsuen Wan. When asked, the couple insisted that they were simply visiting good friend Evergreen Mak (麥長青). Aimee and Moses finally confirmed their relationship later that month in response to the increasing dating rumors.

Since then, Aimee and Moses have been appearing at events together and often dressed in wedding outfits. Several times they role-played as newlyweds on stage to create buzz at the events. Reporters often questioned the couple about their actual wedding plans, although the two usually laughed it off and thanked the public for their concern.

In October of 2011, Aimee and Moses filmed together once again in The Last Steep Ascent <天梯>. While they did not play a couple in the drama, the two were the center of attention at the series’ promotional events. The drama also brought Aimee and Moses Best Actress and Best Actor nominations. Together they participated in skits during the Anniversary Awards, stretching their comedic talent.

In November of 2012, Aimee and Moses were spotted on vacation in France. Some speculated that the couple was searching for a wedding venue. The reports may have some truth in retrospect, as Aimee and Moses finally tied the knot this week in Paris, choosing to start the new chapter of their lives at the City of Love.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. So happy for them. Love u both Moses and Amiee!!

  2. Moses is truly the Master of Play playing the tabloids and paparazzis…

  3. i’m sick of these news about aimee and moses. Well, not until I found out that aimee had PS on her nose and chin

      1. Nah, she’s definitely had a boob job and something done to her chin. I think she took out the implants after the pageant tho, probably to change her image (along with the haircut). It’s interesting how celebrities deny they’d had any work done when we all know bone structures can’t really be changed with weight loss, makeup temporary methods, etc (specifically talking about her chin here).

        Interesting that I’m responding to another Lily, haha.

        Congrats though, even though I didn’t like the reporters on their tail the whole time and making Mo seem like the innocent guy who has found love (instead of the guy publicizing his newfound love to an extreme), it’s always nice to see couples tie the knot. If she is pregnant, congrats again.

  4. So, what is TVB gonna do with her series? Warehouse them til she comes back for promotions? As of right now, Aimee is taking an indefinite break.

  5. at last this golden couple has married and they are as famous to be term as “eastern brangelina” … they are call “Double Chan” surname..double happiness, double prosperity, double twin bundle joy

  6. Extremely happy for them! Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs Chan!

  7. This is totally off-topic, but since it was mentioned in the article… I always thought that Evergreen’s name was a little weird (“Evergreen”). But I just took a closer look at his Chinese name 麥長青 … 長青 … Evergreen. I get it now… hahaha.

  8. Another off topic, I thought people with the same surname cant get married?? Both of them are “Chan”, they might be relative…

    1. Where did you get that from?

      According to Chinese custom, you can even marry your first cousin as long as you’re related through your respective mothers.

      1. Erm if through your mother side then you won’t have same surname anyways. Unless your mother and her sister marry guys with same surname.

    2. Jesus no. Up until the early 1900s, people from one clan/village would marry another person from the same village (where they all shared a common surname).

    3. I have heard something like this from the older generation too …the fear of ‘too close’ to own family/DNA and produce children with disabilities and maybe it’s a frowned upon thing…? Don’t know if anyone have also heard of such things…! Surely as long as they’re not brother and sister then it’s ok!! Personally do know 2 couples married with same surnames.

      1. Yea I’ve heard of something like that before, they said if you marry your close relative, chances of getting a child with a disability is very high. I think its an old wives’ tale but later on someone told me that the reason for this is that in certain families there may be certain genetic makeup that could be a little flawed, like a recessive gene of something along the way, and if they were to intermarry within the own family, the chances of the offspring getting the ‘flawed’ gene is higher.

    4. If like this all the singhs and kaurs can never marry one another. In the world today, you will most likely find someone same surname but never even in the same village or ancestry. As long as they’re not related which is in prohibited relationship (like first cousins I believe for Chinese?). then it is ok.

      1. I meant cousins from father’s side. Are those first cousins?

      2. Funn Lim,

        “If like this all the singhs and kaurs can never marry one another.”

        Every culture is different. Not allowing to marry someone of same surname and a cousin of father’s side are only of relevance mostly in chinese society.

      3. And for very good reasons! I think Chinese got it right.

      4. Racist? Against who? Everyone but Chinese? Not everything is racist unless I specifically name a race that is into incestous relationships.

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