Aimee Chan Reveals Why She Started Noticing Moses Chan

Since Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and Moses Chan’s (陳豪) marriage, she has stepped away from the spotlight to take care of their family and children. This year, she made a comeback in TVB drama Romeo and His Butterfly Lover <羅密歐與祝英台>. There was a lot of noise around her comeback and costarring with Moses in the drama.

In an interview, Aimee shared the filming experience was not as easy as she thought it would be. “There are a lot of things I have to take care of now.  I have to juggle filming and my family. Also this character is a lot more complex than my previous ones–I had to pretend to be a man, act as someone who is unlike myself, and film many action scenes so there were a lot of challenges!”

On the set, Aimee had burst out crying due to pressure. “I had a lot of screen time in the drama and we wanted to surprise the audience. I felt a lot of pressure that day. We were standing around eating a late night snack and I can’t remember when Moses came in and said something to me. I suddenly started crying and said I felt that I couldn’t do it. He got really scared and told me to speak with our producer Joe Chan (陳維冠). I continued to cry in front of Joe, but he reassured me that  it  it was just in my head. He re-watched the filming and didn’t feel like there was any problem. He told me to not give myself so much pressure and the drama was team work; everyone was there to support me.” I felt a lot better after listening to Joe and Moses’ encouragement.

Besides being supportive on set, Moses is an involved father at home. Aimee revealed, “I’m very thankful towards him for taking care of our children and helping them with homework. Without his help, I might not have been able to fully immerse myself into character.”

Considered one of TVB’s golden couples, Aimee and Moses’ paths seemed to be intertwined from the beginning. Aimee revealed, “Before we started dating, many people said Moses was a wonderful person.” He was polite towards other actresses while filming, and a reporter once praised Moses in front of Aimee or 45 minutes! The compliment made Aimee sit up and notice Moses. ”You know how reporters are usually very familiar with each artiste’s personality? Once I heard all the praise, I started to pay attention. We didn’t have much interaction while filming. It wasn’t until we started talking during late night filming that we realized similarities in our personalities. Before we knew it, we started dating. It’s really magical.”

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