Moses Chan: “Aimee Chan is My Angel and Lights Up My Life”

The couple describes their fantastic marriage and what makes it work.

Married since 2013, Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) has only strengthened after having three children. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Moses and Aimee talk about how they get along in their marriage and how their children keep them busy, but very happy. The couple revealed what type of spouses they are, with Moses stating that having Aimee in his life made him feel very lucky. “She and the children made my life more beautiful. They are like fireworks, blooming one by one. They’re exquisite.”

A Wonderful Marriage

Besides being the love of his life and his “angel”, Moses believes that Aimee is also a wonderful mother who is patient and nurturing. He really enjoys her cooking which he believes makes her the perfect wife. Aimee shared, “I like to buy my own ingredients and modify my recipes to make sure that each meal is healthy. I want my children to love my food so that when they are older, they will miss mom’s cooking and want to come see me. I grew up in a large family that was very family-oriented, so I want that to continue with mine.”

Moses also shared that the couple rarely argues as they both try to put the other before themselves. If they do argue, they have a promise to take it outside away from the children and solve it out in a mature manner.

Aimee’s Thoughts on Moses

Aimee changed a lot of after giving birth by sacrificing her career and sleep to raise their children. But even after three children, she is still very fit and optimistic in life. She credits a lot of her success to Moses because he is a fantastic father who is patient, hands-on, and devotes all his free time to their family.

Most mothers start putting all their attention on their children, so how does Aimee balance her time and energy between Moses and her children? Aimee said, “He is worth 200 points! Ever since I married him, he has been the love of my life, and I will never love anyone as much as him. Nothing has changed after marriage because he is still my best friend and best husband.” Moses’ good temperament while they were dating has not changed either; he continues to be very patient after marriage.

Family of Five

With two sons and a daughter, the couple are definitely very busy with family and work. When they were dating, they already knew that they would want a large family because of their love for children. Moses is very grateful that Aimee gave up her career to raise their family, in which he feels motivated to work harder to support everyone.

Moses shared, “I make sure to give my children a lot of my time because I am a home body. Besides my time at work, eating, and sleeping, I am always with them when they are doing homework and just playing at home. My father passed away when I was 10, so I was already really independent, but I want to make sure I am there for my children.”

Aimee gave birth to their first son, Aiden Joshua, in 2013. Aiden means “the warmth of the house” and he definitely has a loving and energetic personality. In 2015, they gave birth to their second son, Nathan Lucas. His name means star and the couple hopes that he will be independent and shine in whatever he does. Lastly, they welcomed their daughter, Camilla, in 2016. She is definitely the princess of the house and they hope that she will grow up to be beautiful, happy, and loving.

Aimee shares that giving birth to her three children has been a blessing. She said, “During Aiden’s birthday, he said ‘Thanks mom for giving birth to me’ in which I immediately cried because they are also the love of my life.”

Regardless of scheduling, the couple always makes time for each other, whether it is a quick movie date or even getting a foot massage. Every year, they make an effort to go on vacation alone without their children. In the meantime, they always communicate through WhatsApp and would not hesitate to text, “I love you,” throughout the day.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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  1. When couples are together for a long time, they tend to take each other for granted and don’t express their appreciation. But both Moses and Aimee seem to be highly appreciative and tell each other so. It’s also a great idea to go on dates and take an annual vacation by themselves, to reconnect and keep the spark in their marriage.

    1. @jayne
      True but they are still new and have not been together for that long yet so let’s see. It is always good to have personal time for each other. I heard Stefanie Sun and her husband go on dates a day each week with just the 2 of them to keep the spark in their marriage. I think that is a good way to keep the spark in their marriage alive. Not taking your spouse for granted is very important. I see that in my brothers’ marriages as their wives always take them for granted. Their marriages are a bit stale in my opinion.

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