Money, Not Cheating Exposed as Real Reason Behind Stephy Tang’s Breakup

Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) and Taiwanese actor/ singer Prince Chiu (邱勝翊) announced their breakup on June 27, effectively ending their 3-year relationship. When rumors surfaced that Prince had cheated, Stephy personally defended his character. Her protective actions cleared Prince’s name, but many continued to speculate that the differences in their career success and money were the real reasons behind their split.

Prince Frequented Nightclubs?

Due to the pandemic, Stephy and Prince were separated between Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively, and relied heavily on telephone and video calls to stay in touch. Tabloids reported that Prince took advantage of this freedom, and frequented nightclubs with beautiful Taiwanese women including Yako Chan (詹子晴) from Hey Girl <黑澀會美眉>.

A source states that Prince acted like he was single, and would often visit other women’s homes. They also disclosed that he was dating a Taiwanese stylist, and attended friend’s gatherings as a pair.

Stephy Defends Prince’s Character

Afraid the rumors would damage Prince’s reputation, Stephy immediately wrote on Instagram, “He is a very kind and traditional man. He has a good character, and treats his family and friends well. He also treats himself well and cherishes his health–he does not smoke, drink, or have a night life. People who know him well are clear about this.”

He Was Not Ready to Commit to Forever

While Stephy urged others to not wonder about their breakup, the speculations continued. Apparently, Prince did not give Stephy any security and they could not come to a consensus about marriage.

It was said that Stephy wanted Prince to come to Hong Kong to spend time together, but he hesitated as each time he travelled there, he would need to be quarantined for one month and incur extra expenses. With Prince’s father’s straddled with massive debts after his business failure, the actor and his younger brother have been reportedly stressed in paying back loan sharks. Despite being a prominent artiste in Taiwan for 15 years, Prince has little savings and could not even afford to purchase his own home.

Although he stated that he viewed Stephy as “The One” and hopes to get married and become a father before 40, he had no concrete plans to put it into action. With his financial stress compounding because of the pandemic, Prince is unable to commit to marriage.

Although he secretly travelled to Hong Kong in May, the pair decided to break up for a better future. Prince left messages on social media wishing Stephy the best, and has liked all of her posts since the split. They thanked each other for their shared memories.

Sources:, HK01

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    1. I agree and there are many reasons why couples divorce and break up. It is not just cheating and money.

  1. Dang sucks about the loan sharks issues. Too bad they can’t take it to the authorities.

  2. I have followed Prince since his debut and he seems like a nice guy that is dedicated in everything he does. The girls from Hey Girls are long time friends of his so there is nothing wrong with them hanging out together. He is good friends with Gui Gui too.

    But anyways, I think they just grew apart due to work and the distance. That happens a lot in this industry. Therefore, not that surprised that they broke up. I doubt it was money or cheating. It is bad timing too. Sigh… but at least they ended on good terms.

  3. he should get back with Alex Fong, that couple did the best duet song in CPOP.

  4. Whatever the reasons, it is their private business… They have broken up. Why are the public speculating? Honestly, such people really have too much time in their hands.
    I personally always felt sad for Prince and the debt he took on for his family. Such a strain on this guy. He tried breaking into China market but it hasn’t been very successful. I sincerely hope he will stay strong and look forward to a good future.
    And I hope God will bless him.

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